AES Show Fall 2020 Convention Technical Program Will Extend to a Full Month

September 10 2020, 10:50
The 149th International AES Convention was converted into an expanded timeline of online events during the month of October, maximizing opportunities to Listen, Learn, and Connect with audio peers and pros from around the world. The AES Show Fall 2020 Convention encompasses four full weeks of live and streaming tech program content, live Q&A’s, networking, and more. Industry leaders and luminaries will share technical insights, there is the AES Show ProductLaunch, and three days of sessions promoted by the Audio Product Education Institute.

This year’s AES Show Fall 2020 Convention adopted a new expanded format featuring a variety of themed programming each week: Audio Engineering Month week one opens with pre-convention events including Special panels & interviews, TechTours episode 1 and, on October 6, a Zoom & Podcast Audio Webinar; Week two continues in pre-convention events with Special Events panels & interviews, TechTours episode 2 and, on Tuesday, October 13, an optional AoIP Summit; while October 14-16 will be filled with the Audio Product Education Institute (APEI) sessions.

Week three hosts the AES Show Showcase of gear and services from top brands in the industry, along with STUDENT WEEK, featuring education-enhancing activities including Workshops, Recording Critique Sessions, Recording and Design Competitions, the Career & Education Fair, Mentoring Sessions and more. The final week of Audio Engineering Month adds the balance of the traditional AES Convention Tech Program – Workshops, Papers, Engineering Briefs, Keynotes and other Special Events. This week will feature the AES Show Technical Program and Marquee Event with Imogen Heap, Heyser Lecture, Special Panels and TechTours episodes 4 – 7. 

A host of Audio Engineering Month content will be available on-demand, letting registrants view sessions at their own convenience. Scheduled sessions will join the on-demand menus following initial streaming.

Several new features of this year’s AES Convention have been designed and reworked for maximum impact for virtual multimedia presentation formats, combining live and on-demand sessions and real-time Q&A sessions with presenters. New to the Audio Engineering Month lineup is the AES Show ProductLaunch where attendees can see the latest gear from leading companies through video-based product launches and live engagement with product specialists and company personnel. 

A new opportunity for the audio industry will be offered during three days (October 14, 15 and 16), will multiple sessions promoted by The Audio Product Education Institute (APEI), a new initiative of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) launched in January 2020 that is committed to furthering the knowledge and skills of professionals involved in the development of audio products. Expanding from the AES Product Development Track, APEI@AES will focus on promoting methodologies, practices and technologies involved in developing and bringing audio products to market. The APEI@AES sessions will address different topics, following APEI's six educational pillars: Interactive Voice Con, for the development of voice-enabled products; Supply Chain and Sourcing; Modeling and Measurement; Product Management; Legal & Regulatory; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

APEI@AES sessions are chaired and presented by experienced audio product professionals, experts in each field, and are recommended for those seeking to increase their skills and understanding of what it takes to develop and bring to market a successful audio product. Acoustics, electronics, DSP, software engineering, product and marketing management are all addressed through a real-world perspective. For more information, visit

Taking advantage of the virtual platform, the AES Show TechTours will feature “The Seven Wonders of the Audio World” – a series of in-depth tours of legendary studios across the globe, beginning in the first week of Audio Engineering Month.

Student & Career offerings have been also expanded into the AES Show Student Week – which will feature seven days of activities including Workshops, Recording Critique Sessions, Recording and Design Competitions, a Career & Education Fair, Mentoring Sessions and more.

Technical Program
Coming up in October, the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention newly announced Technical Program details showcase a variety of sessions covering both audio science and research, as well as topical discussions of key issues in the audio industry. Now in its expanded, virtual format, as Audio Engineering Month the AES Show 2020 offers attendees their own in-house convention, hosting the big names, brands, and networking that attendees have enjoyed in our in-person conventions, with additional new and innovative presentation formats offering a unique experience.

Several recently added sessions have been announced to the AES Show Technical Program. GRAMMY-winning producer, engineer and mixer Vance Powell will detail some of his most successful mixing and recording techniques with the session “Behind the Mix,” hosted by AES Recording and Production Track co-chair Peter Doell. Powell is a familiar face and popular presenter at AES conventions and is due to offer an insightful and entertaining look at some of the techniques he uses in the studio. Doell further delves into the recording workflows taking place in these uncertain times with the session “Post-COVID Recording Challenges” with guest Warren Huart. While many in the industry have found mounting challenges with online interaction, live streaming, apps, and other technologies, this session aims to examine these issues, while also taking into account the success of those who have found the pandemic has helped streamline their process.  

The AES Show will also look into the complexities and opportunities facing much of our industry and beyond, through several topical and current events-related offerings. “Unlocking the Control Room: Equity Achievements in Audio” will take a look a recent international survey, taken in partnership with AES, which showed that women who work in recording studios experience more microaggressions than those who work in STEM academia. In this session, panelists Amandine Pras, Grace Brooks, Kat Young, Daniel Fox, Mary Mazurek, and Eliot Bates will host an open dialog based on the achievements of AES members who have applied their expertise to prompt actions towards equity in the industry. Examining other current disruptions to ideal industry and educational output, the workshop “The Day School Came Home” will host educators Jim Anderson, Alex Case, Agnieszka Roginska and Alex Ruthmann for a hands-on report on how their concepts of teaching audio theory, mixing, music performance, critical listening, and immersive audio changed to an online university approach within days in March 2020.
AES Recording and Production Track co-chair Peter Doell will host the sessions “Behind the Mix” with GRAMMY-winning producer, engineer and mixer Vance Powell and “Post-COVID Recording Challenges” with audio engineer and educator Warren Huart during the AES Show Fall 2020 Convention.

Shifting to the importance of audio in video productions and services, “Are We in Sync? Audio for Video in Classical Music Production” brings together Alex Kosiorek, Benjamin Maas, Roberto Toledo, David Frost, Mark Schubin and John Kerswell to discuss how audio engineers are often performing dual roles in audio and video production, having to understand the importance of artistic temperament while addressing technical considerations for a successful event. “Music Technology in Live Performance” further looks at some of the ways that music technology is incorporated into a live context, assessing the various aspects of using hardware and software to plan and deliver performance from the studio to stage.

AES Show Fall 2020 Convention registration, including four full weeks of live and streaming tech program content, live Q&A’s, networking, and more is now available here. AES Student Members receive a discount for the entire month of programming. Visit to find out more and Register Now!

The Amazing World of Imogen Heap
The Audio Engineering Society has also announced that audiological innovator Imogen Heap will present the featured Marquee Event: “An Intimate and Compelling Journey to the Amazing World of Imogen Heap” at the upcoming AES Show Fall 2020 Convention, discussing her career as a composer, engineer and producer. 

Known for applying the latest audio technologies and interfaces for ultimate creative expression and control in the production and performance of her musical compositions, Heap’s work has garnered awards and honors, including multiple GRAMMY Awards and three honorary doctorates.

Heap is known not only by fans of her music, but also to the audio and tech industries as a pioneer in applying imaginative new technologies to her performance and audio production capabilities. She continues to build her unique sound, while also encouraging others to utilize and create new modes of audio expression through projects such as “music gesture ware” MI.MU gloves, as well as The Creative Passport, a digital ID and data solution for music makers. Her own projects include releasing under-the-skin hits such as “Hide and Seek” and a children’s single titled “The Happy Song,” composing music for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theatrical production and even creating an AI for herself. Imogen is an artist’s artist, an entrepreneur, and a mother who has lent her talents to projects from artists including Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jeff Beck, Nitin Sawhney, and Jon Hopkins. 

More updates about the upcoming Audio Engineering Month and AES Show Fall 2020 Convention virtual events will be confirmed online at
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