Waves Audio Join Forces With Hear Technologies and Flux

November 3 2015, 03:10
At the 139th International AES Convention in New York, Waves Audio had much to show in all fronts of their rich product and technology portfolio. Among the announcements are cooperations with Hear Technologies to include Waves SoundGrid technology in the Hear Back PRO 16-Channel Personal Mixer System. Waves also announced that Flux:: plugins will run in Waves SoundGrid applications.

Waves Audio and Hear Technologies (the Pro Audio product division of Quantum Technologies Inc.) have joined forces to include Waves SoundGrid technology in the Hear Back PRO 16-Channel Personal Mixer System.

Hear Back PRO is a high-end yet affordable monitor mixing system. Incorporating Waves SoundGrid technology in Hear Back PRO enables monitor mixing engineers to use Waves’ award-winning plugins, resulting in best sound quality for in-ear mixing/monitoring. Based on Gigabit Ethernet, Waves SoundGrid also enables the Hear Back PRO system to easily network and connect with other SoundGrid-enabled devices. With its wealth of easy-to-use features, Hear Back PRO becomes a simple and affordable digital solution for attaining better personal mixes and performance.

Nason Tackett, Senior Design Engineer for Hear Technologies, says, “With the Hear Back PRO, we set out to build a high-end yet affordable monitor mixing system that is easy to use. Our partnership with Waves makes it easy to directly connect other high-end audio equipment to the Hear Back PRO. This means a much simpler user experience, and it opens up the Hear Back PRO to the world of Waves plugins and Waves SoundGrid-enabled hardware.”

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of Sales & Marketing, comments, “We are delighted that we can offer Waves SoundGrid and the use of Waves plugins to Hear Technologies, enhancing the capabilities of Hear Back PRO and making it one-of-a-kind in its ability to network easily.”

Flux Plugins Integrate Waves SoundGrid Applications
The company also announced that Flux::, a creator of intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, has joined forces with the digital signal processing solutions specialist to enable Flux:: plugins to run in Waves SoundGrid applications.

Flux sound and picture development was founded in the 1990’s during the early days of digital audio software workstations, collaborating with Merging Technologies in the creation of Merging’s now renowned products. In 2007 Flux started releasing their own exquisite audio software product line tailored for demanding sound engineers, and has since then been focused on creating intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools, used by sound engineers and producers in the professional audio, broadcast, post production and mastering industry all over the world.
Starting at the first quarter of 2016, fifteen Flux:: plugins (Epure, Elixir, Solera etc.) will be compatible with Waves WPAPI (Waves Public API) in Native and SoundGrid. Flux:: will be able to run in Waves applications such as Waves MultiRack SoundGrid and Waves MultiRack Native, the Waves eMotion ST mixer, Waves StudioRack, and the forthcoming Waves eMotion LV1 mixer. As a result, Flux:: plugins will now be able to run in live environments as well.

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of Sales & Marketing, comments, “Waves is dedicated to providing our customers the freedom to use their plugin products anywhere and everywhere, be it in the studio or in live environments. We are excited to join forces with Flux::, allowing users to benefit from Waves SoundGrid technology and use Flux:: plugins in live settings as well.”

Gaël Martinet, CEO of Flux::, states, “We are excited and proud to announce that we will provide compatibility with the Waves SoundGrid system for our audio plugin software. Since many of our customers in the audio industry already work using different platforms, we hope this will be an appreciated complement to the Native and AAX DSP versions provided today.”
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