Soundmatters foxL Dash7 is the world’s thinnest Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker

June 6 2014, 20:18
Soundmatters International is a speaker company, founded in 1998 by former NASA engineer and world-renowned audio pioneer Dr. Godehard Guenther. Dr. Godehard Guenther claims many firsts to the audio market and Soundmatters’ patented audio innovations are available through its own brand and embedded in other companies’ products, i.e. from International Gaming Technologies and Aliph/Jawbone.
The Reno, Nevada, based company previously created a high performance small portable Bluetooth speaker, named the foxL and supplied audio technology to the top-selling Jawbone Jambox.
Now, the company launched the foxL DASH7, which Soundmatters claims to be the world’s slimmest, lightest high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker available. The DASH7 is only ¾ inch-high and fits easily in a coat jacket or pocket and is available in vibrant red, arctic white, platinum silver and midnight black. As the company explains, this is not only a portable speaker but also a solution for wireless music on the go for watching movies, music videos and answering phone calls as a speakerphone. In fact, DASH7 can even be considered an accessory for tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more.

In addition to the thin shape and elegant design, the foxL DASH7 also features huge omnidirectional sound in a slim size, with 5th generation twoofer drivers and BassBattery (two of Soundmatters patented designs – see below), with an angled stand for direct on-axis high-resolution music for best stereo separation. With its combination of exclusive drivers and design, the thin DASH7 is able to achieve wide bandwidth, remarkable bass, clear highs, and a loud sound (like earlier foxLs), but with 40% less internal size than the brands tiny foxLv2 Bluetooth speaker.
The foxL DASH7 ships with a combo case and stand and allows for extended Bluetooth range and auto shut-off (user-selectable), acting as a noise cancelling speakerphone to answer phone calls while listening to music. Interestingly, the speaker also features a subwoofer output, designed to connect the brand’s own foxLO, a travel-size powered subwoofer. Included with the speaker, priced at $199 MAP in the U.S, is a high power international USB Charger Kit (US/EU/AU/UK), powerful enough to charge a tablet.

Soundmatters’ foxL Bluetooth speakers are engineered around a pair of sophisticated acoustic drivers, unique in their ability to reproduce both extreme high (tweeter) and low (woofer) frequencies from a single very small diameter (25mm) speaker, dubbed the “Twoofer”. Covered by a portfolio of patents, both the foxL V2 dome and DASH pancake-flat Twoofer drivers incorporate Soundmatters’ Linear Magnetic Drive topology featuring field-focused, back-to-back, dual Extreme-Energy neodymium magnets and a 1-inch, dual voice coil.
FoxL’s dual digitally powered Twoofers are assisted in their task of reproducing low frequencies by a miniaturized version of the high mass “moving-wall” passive bass radiators originally developed for Soundmatters’ SUBstage home subwoofers. To add the additional bass driver, without compromising stringent weight and space restrictions, Soundmatters engineers developed the BassBattery, a patented design where the rubber-encasing foxL’s built-in high capacity, lithium-ion battery, provides the mass and acts as an acoustic suspension bass driver. Moving the battery from the inside of the speaker to become part of a “moving-wall” radiator also frees up critical internal airspace to drive the bass.
The foxL range of speakers looks like they are made of metal, but they actually use a high-tech glass-filled composite engineered to form an ultra-rigid totally sealed acoustic enclosure. Also the speakers use highly transparent protective grills and Soundmatters mounts their acoustic drivers tight to the front (with just enough space for their extended excursion), which eliminates side reflections and contributes to their open sound, almost regardless of location.
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