HK Audio Expands Lucas Nano Family of Portable PA Systems

November 13 2017, 03:00
German brand HK Audio has introduced the new generation of its bestselling Lucas Nano family of portable, high-performance stereo PA systems: new for November 2017 are the Lucas Nano 302, Lucas Nano 305 FX and Lucas Nano 605 FX, joining the already available 608i and 602 models. These are small and compact sound reinforcement solutions that sound really good and are incredible versatile, and the new models just expand the more affordable options.

HK Audio's Lucas Nano family is the only genuine active stereo PA series that can be carried in one hand and is now made up of five individual models across two power classes. A range of different features and options means there is a Nano system to suit any need or application, including Bluetooth wireless audio on the FX and 680i models.

All adhere to the classic Lucas Nano format: incredible audio performance in an ultra-compact and exceedingly lightweight package. Each Lucas Nano model includes an active subwoofer that delivers huge amounts of low end. The subwoofer powers the two fist-sized satellites which, when not in use, are stored within the subwoofer itself. HK Audio also offers a series of expansion options for the Lucas Nano family including more satellite speakers, speaker stands for the satellites, etc.

The Lucas Nano family is exceptionally easy to scale up or down – two units can be used together as a powerful Twin Stereo System – and all set up in seconds flat. The flagship Lucas Nano 608i features 8 channels, controlled via an onboard digital mixer or using a free App for iPad which features additional EQ and compressor functions. With enough inputs to plug in a whole band in, and other features like Bluetooth audio streaming, the 608i is the portable PA for any environment – and it can be mixed wirelessly from anywhere in the venue. 

The all-new Lucas Nano 605 FX is a superb all-rounder, ideally suited for anyone from musicians and bands to DJs and public speakers. Featuring five inputs, built-in reverb effects and Bluetooth audio streaming, Lucas Nano 605FX is ready for any audio occasion.

For musicians, DJs and entertainers who want to use their own external mixer, DJ controller or playback device, the Lucas Nano 602 is perfect – its simple interface and single stereo input make it incredibly simple and quick to get ready for show time. Its simplicity also makes it the ideal second unit in a Twin Stereo System. 

Finally, the all-new Lucas Nano 305 FX and 302 are slightly smaller in size, power and weight than their 605FX and 602 counterparts, but include the same input options and features. Supremely practical to transport and set up in a huge variety of locations, the 305FX and 302 are set to become top choices for audio fans who are seeking a better sounding lifestyle. 

“The second generation of the Lucas Nano family will make anyone’s world sound bigger and better! We’ve built in highly requested features, such as reverb, to some models, and our groundbreaking technologies like the Multicell Transformer on the 608i, 605FX and 602 systems make sure your performance will sound incredible, wherever and however you use them. Plus, whether you’re a musician, public speaker, fitness instructor or a home entertainment fan, Lucas Nano’s ease of handling and the various setup options mean there’s a solution for you… and up to 200 friends!” says Rüdiger Forse, HK Audio’s Senior Product Manager.

The classic Lucas Nano 600 and 300 models will now be phased out, and replaced by the 605 FX and 305 FX models. However, the classic models will combine perfectly with the new models, for example in a Twin Stereo System. The Lucas Nano 608i, 602 and 302 are available now, while the 305 FX and 605 FX will be available in late November 2017.
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