Sennheiser Launches TeamConnect Audio Conferencing Solutions at ISE 2016

February 11 2016, 03:00

While other companies active in conferencing and collaboration applications are focused on network integration and a systems view, Sennheiser is not only doing that, but also designing solutions that make life easier for everyone. The new TeamConnect range of solutions combines wireless and mobile audio for up to 24 participants with new discrete solutions for conference rooms.

It’s truly remarkable that Sennheiser’s booth at ISE 2016 is practically full of new products and solutions, some expanding products which had been previously announced, while introducing completely new product series with innovative designs and technologies. And everything at the large size booth is fully dedicated to the AV and conferencing market segment, which is the focus for the show.

According to a new study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown, ease of use, better sound quality and reliability are the top three unmet demands of managers running remote conferences. At ISE 2016, Sennheiser is responding to those needs with TeamConnect Wireless, a go anywhere, portable wireless conferencing solution. 

“As businesses work increasingly across multiple locations and geographies, the conference call has become an essential stage for business achievement. For this fast–moving and dynamic working environment, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless brings to an end the age of conference call frustrations, delivering unmatched ease of use and excellent sound quality in a portable system for up to 24 participants,” explains the company.

Together with this wireless and mobile solution, Sennheiser is also introducing TeamConnect Ceiling, an innovative new ceiling mounted variant of the audio specialist’s TeamConnect fixed-installation conferencing system. Virtually invisible, TeamConnect Ceiling uses beamforming technology to focus on a speaker’s voice and deliver superior sound and speech clarity, while offering a high performing, discrete alternative for installation in medium to large conference rooms where table mounted systems are not suitable or possible. 

Together, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect provides an end-to-end, professional-grade conferencing solution for medium to large conference rooms. It can be integrated into any infrastructure or conference room to deliver leading-edge connectivity options for “bring your own device” IT environments, support for all leading unified communication solutions and better sound quality.

System View
Sennheiser TeamConnect starts with a Central Unit CU1 – which offers both Ethernet and WiFi connectivity options, SpeechLine microphones and active loudspeakers. Everything needed to cater for medium to large conference rooms.

“TeamConnect is a classic, reliable audio solution, which is designed to be integrated into any infrastructure or room. It can be used with landline or Unified Communication clients, and either permanently installed or set up for flexible use,” says Jens Werner, Portfolio Manager Sennheiser. “As well as being easily linked to networks, it is also very easy to operate, both by IT and for end users, with powerful fine-tuning software to ensure effective installation and simple app- and browser- based tools for controlling conferences on a user’s own device.”

“Bring-your-own-device” conferences can be easily set up with a smartphone, notebook or tablet. An iOS app offers touchscreen control of web and audio conferences on iPad and iPhone, while a browser-based web app provides a similarly easy-to-use interface on other devices. Connections to ongoing conferences can be established by plug-and-play. In addition, TeamConnect offers comprehensive support for a wide range of Unified Communications platforms, including Skype for business, OpenSpace, GoToMeeting, IBM, Cisco, and Avaya.

The system comprises up to eight Sennheiser SpeechLine microphones (either table-top or fixed installed) and its SL loudspeakers to drive rich immersive sound from the active SpeechLine speakers that are optimized for speech intelligibility. Different bundle configurations, individually adjusted to spatial conditions and different sized working groups are available.

Mobile freedom
But today’s meetings can happen anywhere. The new study by Sennheiser and Millward Brown released in January 2016 has revealed that successful companies have strong internal connections and run a higher frequency of meetings, while lower performers meet less often. The study also discovered that barriers in sound quality and usability of meeting technology leads to lower frequency of meetings, with managers demanding that future solutions should be reliable, offering better sound quality and intuitive ease of use.

TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the cure for these business pain points, offering a high performing portable conference solution for up to 24 people that can be used by anyone, anywhere. The stylish portable solution is made up of four units – one master and three satellites that can be easily transported in a durable, easy to transport charging case. The units are wirelessly linked by a DECT connection and provide a flexible system that can be set up in virtually any room or table arrangement.

TeamConnect Wireless offers peerless connectivity options, making any device immediately capable of establishing a professional quality conference call in seconds. Users can quickly connect their own Bluetooth smart device or computer wirelessly, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices simple. Wired connections are also possible via USB – ideal for web or video conferencing via a computer – or jack cable, so it can readily fit in to a broad range of hardware set-ups.

The system brings a new level of usability to conferencing that makes it easy for anyone to operate with minimal instruction, freeing users from the need for technical support. Users simply slide the four units from the case and they automatically power up and link together. The intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel on the master unit allows connecting devices and control calls, while the satellite units have touch controls for muting or adjusting volume. Uniquely, TeamConnect Wireless supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so additional callers can be joined to an existing conference by just connecting another device.

With set up takes no time at all, the TeamConnect Wireless solution also delivers excellent acoustic clarity and speech intelligibility, focusing on natural conversation and improved meeting productivity, either at home or in the most prestigious office environments. All devices use glass and aluminum and have a design that fits well in any environment.

TeamConnect Ceiling
The new TeamConnect Ceiling, also introduced at ISE 2016, is an innovative new ceiling mounted variant of the audio specialist’s TeamConnect fixed-installation conferencing system. Virtually invisible, TeamConnect Ceiling provides a perfect solution for meeting spaces where for either aesthetic or practical purposes, cables, holes for installation, or table microphones are not desirable, offering very high quality audio with utterly unobtrusive design. Just one TeamConnect Ceiling can cover up to approximately 16 participants, making it ideal for medium or large conference rooms. The use of a single, dynamic ceiling microphone simplifies installation, configuration and everyday use, while the cable-free, tethered design ensures that the system is protected from wear and tear.

TeamConnect Ceiling is designed to fit within the space of a standard 600mm2 (2 ft.) ceiling panel, making it easier to install discretely. Intuitive colored LED-lights to indicate when the system is muted or in operation complete the overall subtle impression.
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