Sennheiser Unveils New Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions

July 3 2018, 01:00
Following on Sennheiser's presentations at InfoComm 2018, mainly focusing on audio headsets, speakerphones, audioconferencing products, and wireless solutions, the company is now promoting new important products for Unified Communications and Collaboration spaces, including the new SDW 5000 Series of headsets, and the new TeamConnect Ceiling 2 array microphone, complementing the recently launched TeamConnect Wireless tabletop portable speakerphones.

Sennheiser’s leading portfolio of unified communications products has been dramatically expanded this year with innovative office solutions that deliver flexibility, security, multi-device connectivity, and optimal sound in an array of environments, incorporating intuitive features that enhance collaboration in the modern workplace.

Sennheiser's new SDW 5000 Series of headsets are specifically designed for today’s mobile, collaborative workplaces to accommodate the evolving needs of the office environment of the future. It features 128bit authentication keys and DECT Security certification. Plus, the unit’s USB port, call merging feature, and multiple headset conferencing can be disabled in high-security environments.

The SDW 5000 Series headsets leverage Super Wideband sound, an emerging sound standard for headset communication, delivering clearer calls with a more natural, richer sound, in addition to superior fidelity when used to listen to music. The SDW 5000 Series is capable of transmitting sounds in the super wideband range from 150 Hz all the way up to 11.5 kHz. The SDW 5000’s dual- microphone noise cancellation filters background noise, and the own-voice-detector helps suppress disturbances in between words, for quality transmissions with minimized detractions. The Sennheiser SDW 5000 Series’ two microphone noise-cancelling system helps to filter out background noise and keeps communication free from disturbance.

The SDW 5000 helps to enhance the flexibility and experience of users and IT managers alike – offering a single headset system able to connect seamlessly to multiple devices and interfaces. A professional communication and collaboration hub that provides total individual flexibility in the office, with a range of wearing styles, the SDW 5000 Series has the versatility to adapt to the needs of individual users.

Comprising of a sleek stylish base station and a headset offering a choice of 3 wearing styles – ear hook, headband and neckband – the new SDW 5000 Series offers advanced features such as merging/unmerging calls, and all SDW 5000 headsets are UC optimized and certified for Skype for Business. Triple-connectivity allows the base station to connect with PCs and desk phones as well as mobile phones and tablets via the Bluetooth dongle. In addition to the SDW 5000 Series headsets, the base station can also be connected to other wired and Bluetooth Sennheiser headsets or a speakerphone (via the USB port).

Apart from offering advanced call controls via the base station, the headsets’ built-in motion sensor enables automatic control of calls, i.e. answering calls by simply picking up the headset from the desk. In addition, the headset system helps make everyday interactions simpler by featuring a busy light on the headset as well as an optional external busy-light to ensure colleagues are aware of an ongoing call.

For effortless, centralized device management that can save IT managers valuable time and resources, Sennheiser has developed HeadSetup Pro Manager. The cloud-based IT management solution allows tracking, monitoring, updating and configuring settings on SDW 5000 and other Sennheiser devices from one single, easy to use dashboard at anytime, anywhere.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2
In addition, Sennheiser unveiled the new TeamConnect Ceiling 2 product. The new ceiling array microphone, available from October 2018, will offer superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. This automatically focuses on the voice of a speaker in the room regardless of their position to make productive meetings effortless. 

The next generation of this innovative ceiling microphone arraywill offer even greater versatility and interoperability with support for Dante networks, including compatibility with Dante Domain Manager (DDM), and Power over Ethernet. It will be compatible with Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit software for efficient remote management, and offer remote configuration and monitoring via an open media control protocol (API), allowing for easy integration into media systems and camera control applications. For example, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 will be fully compatible with the Crestron control system platform.

Ideal for mid to large sized meeting rooms, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 can be installed virtually invisibly into the ceiling to allow for truly flexible usage of a space. Thanks to 28 omni-directional microphone capsules integrated within the discrete ceiling array, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 delivers excellent audio quality that is free from distracting ambient noise. 

As well as freeing tables of cables and mics, it ensures that meeting participants no longer need to adjust their seating arrangements or conversational style to suit the audio set up in the room. Sennheiser’s adaptive beamforming technology automatically follows the active speaker’s voice letting people speak naturally – whether they are sitting, standing or moving around the room. This enhances the conference experience for remote participants through crystal clear speech, which ensures stress-free listening and interaction for more productive meetings.

As well as optimizing the end user experience, Sennheiser’s original TeamConnect Ceiling impressed installers and IT managers alike with its incredible flexibility and simplicity. The microphone ensures that after initial installation no ongoing maintenance is required. TeamConnect Ceiling 2 takes these advantages even further with Integration into existing IP and Ethernet networking infrastructure. With both an analog audio output and two digital Dante audio outputs that support redundancy mode, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 offers connectivity with any conferencing system and with digital audio networks. Support for the Power over Ethernet standard via the Ethernet port adds to the ease of integration and installation.

Sennheiser’s network control software provides a digital workflow for network enabled devices from Sennheiser, allowing centralized administration, configuration and monitoring of one or multiple ceiling mics within the network. Accessible on any device via a browser, Sennheiser Control Cockpit makes TeamConnect Ceiling 2 installations effortless to manage. For integration into larger media control systems, integrators can make use of Sennheiser’s open media control protocol (API) to offer remote configuration, control and monitoring of the TeamConnect Ceiling 2. The ceiling microphone will be fully compatible with the Crestron control platform.
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