Samsung New Wireless Speaker Emits Sound In All Directions

April 7 2015, 03:00
Samsung Electronics America unveiled its Radiant360 R7 Wireless Speaker at the Rainbow Room in New York on April 2nd 2015. The new omnidirectional speaker will be available in the U.S. this same month, offering a sleek, unique design.

The Wireless Audio Radiant 360 R7 omnidirectional speaker intends to redefine the audio experience with a radical new design, allowing users to experience great sound without the traditional placement requirements.

The R7 uses Samsung’s “Ring Radiator” technology delivering a richer audio experience with room-filling 360 degrees sound that the company says is more balanced than any other conventional speaker. Featuring a sleek oval-shaped sculptured design, the R7 was designed to fit virtually any space, features wireless connectivity, and is an innovative way for consumers to listen to their favorite content.

“Developed in Samsung’s new state-of-the-art Audio Lab in Valencia, CA, the R7 combines revolutionary technology with elegant design that will redefine and enhance the home audio category in 2015,” says Jim Kiczek, Vice President of Audio Group, Samsung Electronics America. “Unlike traditional speakers, which require specific placement and the listener to sit in a ‘sweet spot’ for full enjoyment, the R7 envelopes any listener in full auditory bliss regardless of their position creating a truly immersive entertainment experience.”

The R7 also works with Samsung’s new Multiroom App 2.0, which makes it possible to share music across Wi-Fi-connected devices in the home. The upgraded version of the Multiroom App is available on both Android and iOS, boasts an improved user interface and makes it possible to control speakers, music sources and playlists, while simultaneously browsing the music library.

The R7 can also connect to select Samsung TVs, select soundbars and mobile devices using Multiroom Link, all controlled by a mobile device. The R7 will be available at a retail price of $499.99
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