Russound Expands Whole-House Wireless Audio and Installation Solutions

February 12 2016, 03:10

Among several new products featured in the company’s ISE 2016 exhibit, Russound expanded its XStream whole-house wireless audio system with new XSource and XZone4 components. The new streaming solutions offer high resolution audio support, and trouble-free service/operation. The company also introduced new easy-to-install stereo amplifiers for distributed audio installations and a new TVA2.1 Digital Amplifier for mounting behind TVs.

Whole-house audio market innovator Russound introduced two new additions to its expandable XStream Series streaming audio solutions, engineered specifically for custom professionals and their clients. The new models, all of which are part of Russound’s advanced XStream Series, are the XSource Streaming Audio Player and the XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio System. The XSource is available now and the XZone4 will ship in March.

“Our objective is always to optimize the whole-house audio value chain,” said Charlie Porritt, CEO of Russound. “The XStream Series of streaming products does this in several ways. It’s easy for professionals to install and configure, and has rock-solid safeguards to preserve margins. For their customers, it’s the best whole-house streaming audio you can ask for.”
The XSource Streaming Audio Player is a multi-use streaming media solution with a tiny form factor for easy integration with external amplifiers or whole-house receivers. Designed for scalability, the XSource is an ideal streaming media solution for custom installation professionals and their customers. With native support for high resolution audio, and the full complement of sources available in all or Russound’s XStream series of products, XSource represents an upgrade over competitive offerings.

The XSource is a streaming source that can be integrated with Russound MCA-Series and C-Series controllers, or can operate as a stand-alone streaming source that can be used with any amplifier or multiroom audio system. It offers both analog and digital outputs as well as built-in Ethernet connectivity. As a complete streaming media solution for both residential and commercial applications, the XZone4 Four-Stream, Four-Zone Audio System is designed to offer installers a single-box package that is easy to install with simple browser-based configuration, with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Engineered for integration and scalability, the XZone4 is a 1U rack-mountable component offering four independent audio streams that support up to four rooms of audio in a home or business, and can easily scale up to 16 total audio zones by linking up one or more of the other XStream series products. 

Like all components in the XStream series from the Newmarket, N.H., company, the XSource and XZone work with the MyRussound App for iOS/Android phones and tablets, and the XTS touchscreen interface, for better control of the listening experience. This allows for control of up to 16 stereo audio zones in a single installation using any combination of XStream Series audio products.

Also similar to other advanced Russound products, these two new products are included in the Russound Certified Installer (RCI) Program. These “RCI Required” items boast a recently introduced feature designed to drastically reduce unauthorized online sales of the company’s products while ensuring that consumers receive the benefits of working with certified installation professionals. To date, nearly 5,000 Russound installers worldwide are taking part in the program.

New A-series Stereo Integration Amplifiers
Russound expanded its amplifier lineup with the new A250 and A2100 rack-mountable amplifiers, ideal for distributed audio installations. Both units feature buffered loop output to enable using multiple amplifiers in one installation, in addition to audio and voltage trigger sensing to enable seamless activation when needed. The 4 ohm stable design allows up to two pair of 8 ohm speakers to be utilized. The A250 and A2100 utilize a fanless design, allowing the amplifiers to be used in rooms or cabinets where fan-driven units would cause unacceptable noise levels. A switching internal power supply allows the amplifiers to be sold anywhere in the world with only a change in the IEC-compatible power cord. Both units ship with detachable rack ears.

New TVA2.1 Digital Amplifier
Finally, Russound introduced its new TVA2.1 Digital Amplifier, available exclusively through Russound’s network of custom installer partners, as an easy upgrade to any television, bypassing onboard speakers. 

The TVA2.1 has a very thin form factor that allows discrete mounting behind TVs, in a wall box or directly attached to a TV mount. The unit packs 35 watts per channel, with a separate subwoofer out. Three line-level inputs (analog, coaxial and optical) can accommodate any TV audio source, providing easy integration while giving installers a new option for clean and balanced power to outboard speakers.

A unique feature of the TVA2.1 is its elegant, yet simple IR remote function. The unit can be operated with any existing system remote once it has “learned” three basic commands – volume up, volume down, and mute.
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