PreSonus Announces StudioLive RM-Series Rack-Mount Digital Mixers

September 1 2014, 08:20
Two years ago, PreSonus announced the launch of an ambitious technology called Active Integration (AI). The company envisioned the complete integration of the existing StudioLive digital mixers with a completely new range of networkable solutions, including PA speakers for musicians, installation, and live sound applications.

AI is a complete, networked, tightly integrated hardware/software ecosystem. AI products combine powerful 32-bit floating-point DSP, wireless and wired networking, USB connectivity, and proprietary software to solve real-world live-sound and studio problems, taking hardware/software integration to a new level. Current PreSonus Active Integration products employ OMAP L138 processors—a whole computer on a chip. These 32-bit, 96-kHz multi-stream CPUs operate at 350 MHz and feature an operating system, 100-Mb Ethernet communications, a USB, and lavish amounts of high-speed RAM, enabling continuous firmware and software updates and integration features. AI technology also enables standard Ethernet communications and optional Dante and AVB networking for powerful networked systems.

Based on the StudioLive AI-series engine and controlled with its innovative UC Surface software for Mac, Windows, and iOS platforms, the new PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI and RM32AI 32 x 16 x 3 rack-mount Active Integration digital mixers now offer a scalable, compact, and 100% recallable solution.
The Baton Rouge, LA, company has been integrating its hardware e software technologies, introducing the AI concept in all product segments, from studio to live music applications. The new StudioLive RM-series Rack-Mount Digital Mixers is certainly a welcome evolution of the StudioLive AI concept in a more accessible format.

PreSonus’s new UC Surface control software was specifically designed to be an interface for live mixing but also serves well in a studio environment. This remote-control software runs on Mac and Windows computers, as well as iPad, so users only need to learn one piece of software regardless of platform. UC Surface supports iPad and Windows 8 touchscreens, taking full advantage of these intuitive multi-touch interface technologies.

The new PreSonus 3U rack-mount RM16AI mixer provides 16 locking XLR inputs with recallable XMAX Class A preamps, 8 XLR line outs, and 3 main outs (left, right, and mono/center); featuring 32 internal channels and 25 buses; a 52x34 FireWire 800 recording interface; 96-kHz operation; and extensive signal processing.
The larger 4U rack-mount PreSonus RM32AI offers 32 inputs with recallable XMAX preamps and 16 line outputs but otherwise has the same features as the 16-input version. Both mixers offer individual 48 V phantom power on all inputs; a 48-V Meters button displays phantom-power assignment on the input meter grid.

Scalable and designed for live-sound mixing and studio recording, the RM-series mixers’ Active Integration technology includes direct Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking and tightly integrated Capture recording software with true Virtual Soundcheck mode and Studio One Artist DAW for Mac and Windows. 
Being Active Integration mixers, the StudioLive RM-series feature Fat Channel signal processing on all input channels and all buses, including a four-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate, limiter, and more. However, unlike StudioLive AI mixers, the RM series’ recallable XMAX preamps mean that every parameter on the mixer can be saved and recalled.
The mixers have a remote stage-box form factor and are built to withstand road abuse. The front panel provides input signal-present and clip LEDs (16 for the RM16AI, 32 for the RM32AI) and provides stereo RCA tape inputs, a headphone output with volume knob and source-select buttons, a Mute All button that temporarily mutes all inputs and outputs, and a USB type-A jack that hosts the included Wi-Fi LAN adapter.
The rear panel contains an option slot that comes with two FireWire 800 ports, an Ethernet control port, and S/PDIF I/O. The slot also accepts the same option cards as the StudioLive AI-series digital mixers; with Dante, AVB, and Thunderbolt cards coming soon, StudioLive RM-series mixers can easily be updated to keep up with the latest networking technologies. 
Also on the rear are a power jack and switch, MIDI I/O, and a mirror of the line outputs on a DB25 connector-perfect for connecting to wireless in-ear systems.
In addition to UC Surface, the tightly integrated software bundle includes PreSonus Capture live-recording software with true Virtual Soundcheck and easy-to-use Studio One Artist DAW. StudioLive RM-series mixers also work with PreSonus’s free QMix-AI aux-mix control software for iPhone/iPod touch, enabling musicians to control their own monitor mixes.
An extensive library of tutorials and downloads completes the package.
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