NimbX SoGo Mini Speaker Portable Speaker with RGB Lights

November 3 2014, 06:00
“There are few fundamental features that define a portable speaker,” says designer Richard White, President of NimbX Technology. Their new SoGo Mini speaker not only has those features, but also has those features in enhanced form; like a 20-plus hour battery, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, speakerphone functionality, RGB lighting, mini subwoofer, customizable case and app feature, and capability to pair multiple SoGo Mini speakers at once.

Along with those fundamental qualities, NimbX Technology says the SoGo Mini differentiates itself from other portable speakers because of the exceptional features built on the circuit board, and the ability to completely customize any room. The SoGo Mini can be also used as a speakerphone when it is being used in conjunction with the Android/IOS, MAC/PC app and features a line input for a 3.5 mm jack and line in for audio device to speaker.

Generally, the performances of small speakers tend to lack in bass and treble frequency range. In order to overcome this limitation, NimbX Technology says they made sure to take every step from engineering the shape and design, to the customized app, to the highly engineered circuitry, to get the best of equal bass and treble ratio.

NimbX’s Bone Conductive Technology combines a 50 mm mini subwoofer as the main speaker with internal components and interior design of the SoGo Mini to turn almost any surface, like a wall or a table into a ”sound conductor” that uses the vibration sound-waves to help increase volume and bass.

The combination of RGB LED lights into a portable speaker is another of the distinctive features, allowing for customizable ring/case combinations. There are six ring colors and three case colors and the RGB lights will reflect the music beat and the playing volume.

The SoGo Mini can be connected to any iPhone or Android smartphone, as well any PC or Mac, using built in Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC for wireless synchronization. When receiving a phone call, the SoGo mini can double up as an easy to connect speakerphone with a built-in noise cancellation microphone.

The SoGo Mini is now on Kickstarter and there is a limited time left to get its Kickstarter goal met. “It is the only Bluetooth speaker on the planet that is customizable and lightweight with a unique shape. It can be put into the pocket, hung on a wall, or be placed on your table or countertop, and turn those into a bigger speaker using Bone Conductive technology,” says the company’s announcement. |
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