A-Audio Prodigy, the Bluetooth Speaker that Instantly Transforms into Two Speakers

January 14 2015, 05:00
A-Audio, a Miami-based audio company announced its new Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker at the 2015 International CES. This is the first Bluetooth speaker that transforms into two separate speakers and features the company’s Three-Stage Listening Technology, putting listeners in the driver’s seat to select the audio setting that best suits them and their music in the moment.

According to the company, the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker was meticulously engineered to blend optimal sound quality and aesthetics, while providing studio quality sound without a cable. A-Audio’s innovative Three-Stage Listening Technology, allows listeners to choose between Audio, Bass Enhancer and SurroundEffect modes so they can select which setting they prefer in each moment.

The Prodigy speaker unfastens in the center, allowing listeners to enjoy music as one unified speaker or as two separate ones by simply pulling the speaker apart. Powerful magnetic locators keep it sealed and secure when acting as one. Upon separating, listeners may place the speakers any way they’d like, enjoying a surround sound effect in their environment while being able to control their music from any Bluetooth-enabled device or from each speaker’s controls. This way, a usar is able to have two separate speakers, one on the dinner table and the other on the kitchen counter, for instance and reconnect as one later on for a more concentrated sound in the living room.

Building on the success of the company’s Legacy headphones and the Bluetooth-enabled Icon headphones, the Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker features Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technology and offers multiple options to wirelessly connect mobile devices to a range of 30 feet.

A-Audio hand selected the highest quality materials for this new statement-making Bluetooth speaker following the company’s signature aesthetic to turn functional elements into distinctive design features. The Prodigy is inspired by classic auto and luxury timepiece craftsmanship and features an octagonal design with chrome and metal accents.

Two rubberized control panels on either side allow for power, volume and music control from the speakers or from a connected mobile device. An aux input and included 4.5-foot audio cable allow for direct connection of audio devices, and a Micro USB charging port makes it easy to power up smartphones that need an extra boost. The integrated 1,300 mAh batteries, one on each side, support a total of 12 working hours and are both rechargeable and replaceable.

“With A-Audio’s focus on delivering premium construction and innovative sound technology, it was only fitting to incorporate a transforming element and our award-winning Three-Stage Listening Technology into a premium portable Bluetooth Speaker,” says A-Audio President Christian Iacovelli. “The Prodigy Bluetooth Speaker marks the growth of A-Audio, expanding our line and offering our customers only the best quality audio products that combine both style and sound.”

The A-Audio Prodigy is scheduled to be available in April/May 2015 for $199 MSRP.
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