New Studiomaster digiLiVE Hybrid Touch-Screen/Tablet Mixer

March 27 2015, 03:10
Carlsbro and Studiomaster are two famous British pro audio brands which, together with CADAC, have been acquired in the last few years by the Soundking Group, one of the world’s largest audio equipment manufacturers from China. Currently, the brands have their sales, marketing and distribution operations based out of Milton Keynes, including an expanding R&D department.

The result of SoundKings investment seems to be paying off since all three brands are announcing major unveilings during the Musikmesse and Prolight+Sound shows in Frankfurt, with CADAC promising to disclose also a new-generation digital mixer. But probably the largest surprise comes from the announcement that Studiomaster will be expanding its catalogue with a new generation of products, including a new hybrid audio mixer, similar in concept to the Roland M-200i.

The new Studiomaster digiLiVE 16 is a 16 input, 16 bus and 8 output digital audio mixer, featuring a control surface integrating a 7-inch Android-driven high-resolution touch-screen and eight motorized 100mm faders, alongside fully remote (iOS and Android) tablet operation. With an anticipated price point well below $1500, this professionally specified mixer targets applications across the pro-audio and MI sectors, being equally attractive to gigging musicians, small venues, dry hire and installation companies.

The 16 inputs include 12 professional mic input channels, AD / DA conversion is 24 bit / 192 kHz, there are up to eight internal effects busses – with reverb, delay, 15 band EQ and modulation – and the eight ‘smart’ XLR analogue outputs are assignable. Outputs also include digital AES/EBU ands SPDIF. Two USB interfaces are included (front and rear panel) supporting playback and recording, and scene storage and system updating. WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity are also supported.

Other new products from Studiomaster being shown at Prolight+Sound include the European debut of the Vision compact high quality analogue mixer series. Vision is positioned immediately beneath the brand’s top of the range Horizon series, offering its larger sibling’s quality design and construction, operational and audio performance, in an even more compact, price competitive form.

The new Vision mixer will be available in unpowered (Vision 8) and 2x500W powered (Vision 1008) and 2x1000W (Vision 2008) variants, featuring ultra-lightweight Class-D amplification. All models feature 8 channels – 6 mic and 2 stereo – twin DSP effects and 9-band graphic EQ.

About the Soundking Group
Established for more than 20 years and with major manufacturing, research, engineering, and administrative facilities in Ningbo, south of Shanghai, the Soundking Group has acquired three major UK ‘heritage’ audio brands: CADAC, Studiomaster and Carlsbro. CADAC, the high end mixing console manufacturer, is known internationally for its premium mixing desks that made modern sound design for large scale West End and Broadway musicals possible. Studiomaster is one of the most famous names in UK pro audio with affordable PA amps and mixing desks, the first ‘home studio’ mixing desks and, in the 1980’s, effectively ‘inventing’ the powered mixer. Carlsbro is the famous British guitar amplifier brand that pre-dates even Marshall.

All three companies remain independent entities within the Soundking Europe group, retaining R&D development and product development, engineering, strategic management – and, in the case of CADAC and Studiomaster – certain key manufacturing at the groups’ Luton headquarters. Soundking’s ownership provides the three companies with ‘in-house’ mass automated production capabilities and considerable inward investment from the parent company. |
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