New Drivers from Eighteen Sound at Prolight+Sound 2015

May 4 2015, 04:00
The Reggio Emilia loudspeaker specialist was in full force at the 2015 Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, with an impressive display of new products in its catalogue. New for this year, the 8CX650 and 10CX650 coaxial loudspeakers, announced earlier in the year, are now shipping. But there’s also the ND4015Ti2 compression driver, the XG10 line source waveguide and much more.

The two new ferrite motor additions to Eighteen Sound’s highly regarded family of coaxial loudspeakers where designed to provide extended LF. Each has a 65 mm (2.5") low-frequency copper voice coil and employs Eighteen Sound’s Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology, resulting in an extremely linear motor assembly. Both models employ the 44 mm (1.75") diameter high-frequency diaphragm assuring exceptional high-frequency behavior.

The 8CX650 and 10CX650 are designed for use in compact reflex enclosures and stage monitors with a nominal dispersion of 90°. The high force ceramic single magnet structure makes the 8CX650 a lightweight speaker for its performance class at only 5.5 kg (12 lb) with the 10CX650 weighing in at only 6 kg (13.2 lb). The 8CX650 is also Atmos compatible and ready.

The low-profile smooth straight LF cone in both loudspeakers provides a smooth response within its intended frequency range and maximum reliability under high mechanical stress. Equipped with a proprietary hybrid radial tangerine phase plug, the integrated high-frequency compression driver has been designed to deliver a smooth coherent wavefront at the horn entrance in all working frequency ranges with a high level of manufacturing consistency. 

The phase plug, with its short openings and high flare rate value, assures low distortion and remarkable improvements in mid-high frequency reproduction. A copper sleeve reduces inductance value above 10 kHz, improving phase and impedance linearization.

The high-frequency diaphragm assembly is made by proprietary treated Polyethylene material. Thanks to its superior diaphragm dimensional stability, Polyethylene shows constant behavior during its whole working life. Moreover, this particular material with its very high value of elasticity modulus is capable of superior transient and intermodulation distortion response. The flat suspension shape is designed to maintain low stiffness and low mid-band distortion and response.

An edge-wound aluminum voice coil wound on proprietary treated Nomex completes the diaphragm assembly. Thanks to its physical properties, the proprietary treated Nomex former shows a 30% higher value of tensile elongation at a working operative temperature when compared to Kapton. A specific dedicated high-frequency driver throat design has also been chosen, maximizing the cone’s profile coupling.

Eighteen Sound was showing also the new 15NCX750H coaxial driver with horn, combining a single magnet neodymium motor, 3” ISV voice coil, aluminum demodulating ring and a pure titanium diaphragm with an edge-wound aluminum ribbon voice coil (EWAL) for the high frequencies. The driver is suitable for very compact enclosures and stage monitors and is rated at 800 W low-frequency to- 240 W high-frequency maximum program power handling.

ND4015Ti2 High Frequency Compression Driver
Another new Eighteen Sound product shown at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt is the ND4015Ti2 high-frequency neodymium compression driver, which is now available. The highly evolved 4" compression driver is the result of extensive experience with its predecessors in the ND4015 line. The driver features a next generation titanium diaphragm which provides higher sensitivity and extended high frequency which results in exceptional high-frequency clarity.

The ND4015Ti2 features a 4" edgewood aluminum voice coil and 1.5" throat exit four-slot phase plug. It is also available in 1.4" and 2" throat configuration, making it a truly flexible design and platform-agnostic choice.  

XG10 Line Source Waveguide
Appealing directly to Frankfurt’s visitor profile, Eighteen Sound announced the availability of its XG10 line source waveguide with a 1" throat entry. The new XG10 has a specific line acoustical design that minimizes internal reflections and acoustical losses, while the throat shape has been optimized for lowering air distortion.

Eighteen Sound says the new XG10 delivers an unmatched level of performance when paired with an 1" exit high frequency compression driver. The waveguide has been optimized to obtain a 10° vertical dispersion angle, while the horizontal coverage angle could vary from 80° to 120° depending upon the specific cabinet design.

New products on display
Being a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality professional loudspeakers, with some of the most advanced development and manufacturing technologies in
the world, located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, Eighteen Sound’s R&D and engineering teams have always interesting new products on display in shows like Prolight+Sound

Among brand new products is the HD1000 high frequency driver, which the company states will stand-out in the 1” exit driver market for its performance to price ratio. Combining a ferrite magnet, 44 mm (1.75") edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil, titanium-PEN diaphragm assembly and proprietary phase plug design, the HD1000 was certainly a show highlight with its 100 W maximum program power and 1.5 kg (3.31 lb) net weight.

In the low-frequency section, Eighteen Sound highlighted its new 18iD extended LF neodymium transducer, optimized for new Class D systems with maximum power transfer, including Powersoft’s Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (iPal) standard. Rated for 3600 W program power handling, the new 18iD combines a 135mm (5.3”) split winding, four layer ISV aluminum voice coil, Triple Silicon Spider (TSS) for improved excursion control and aluminum demodulating ring (SDR) for lower distortion.

Also responding to the increasing trend for ever more powerful subwoofer systems, Eighteen Sound highlighted its new Extended LF Neodymium Transducer family with the 18NLW4000 and 21NLW4000 models. Both drivers have an 100 mm (4") Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV), use high grade neodymium magnet assemblies, composite reinforced straight ribbed cones and are rated for 3,200-W program power handling. Eighteen Sound recommends both drivers for subwoofer applications in compact vented or bandpass enclosures. Another new option for extended-bass enclosures is the 21LW2500 Extended LF Ferrite Transducer with similar specifications as the previous models.
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