Linear Acoustic and Minnetonka Audio Merger Addresses Audio Content Chain from Creation to Transmission

September 14 2015, 03:10

Television audio control specialist Linear Acoustic, announced that Minnetonka Audio Software, one of the leading solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, has joined the Telos Alliance through a merger of the companies.
Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic founder and Telos Alliance CTO celebrated the merger announcement with Minnetonka Audio CEO John Schur at IBC 2015
“Efficient broadcast audio workflow is shifting from reliance on function-per-box hardware to integrated software and cloud-based solutions,” says Tim Carroll, Linear Acoustic founder and Telos Alliance CTO. “John Schur, Markus Hintz, Jayson Tomlin, and the entire Minnetonka Audio team share a keen understanding of this balance. We are proud to finally be working shoulder-to-shoulder to help our industry move forward with better audio today and towards more personalized and immersive next generation audio.”

“Our goal has always been to offer world-class, industry standard audio technology in convenient, ready-to-deploy software kits, plug-ins and enterprise level systems,” says John Schur, president of Minnetonka Audio. “This new chapter for our company dramatically increases the technology that we can offer our customers to solve critical workflow issues. Look, or rather, listen for big things from this new relationship.”

The newly united companies bring together multiple tools and resources covering all facets of television audio from production to transmission, and many aspects of radio, streaming and future broadcast delivery methods. Current products include hardware, application software, software plug-ins, and widely-used licensed and OEM versions of key technologies such as loudness measurement and control, upmixing and down mixing, and Dolby and DTS encoding, decoding, and transcoding. Whether it is a hardware implementation, a software solution, or integrated combination, this team now has the expertise and resources to meet any audio production workflow requirement.

Linear Acoustic, part of The Telos Alliance, designs and manufactures the AERO range of real-time and file-based loudness managers, UPMAX upmixing solutions, loudness metering products and standards-based codecs for distribution and emission.

The AudioTools Server from Minnetonka Audio Software is the file-based software alternative to hardware program optimizers, bringing expert audio automation to existing media production infrastructures. Minnetonka’s AudioTools Server and SurCode product lines support the full array of audio codecs, file types, and standards for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, broadcast, and digital television. The company is a leading provider of OEM audio solutions as well as file-based QC and loudness control. Spanning more than two decades of operation, the Minnetonka, Minnesota-based company has a subsidiary in Germany and an international network of distributors and channel partners who share its commitment to quality and service.

The Telos Alliance is one of the global leading companies in the research, development, and manufacturing of IP Audio, telephony, and high-performance audio processing equipment for broadcasters. Telos, Omnia, 25-Seven, Axia, Linear Acoustic and now Minnetonka Audio are Telos Alliance brands. The Telos Alliance is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio USA, with additional US offices, plus sales, research and manufacturing offices around the world. |
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