KANOA Launches Pre-order Campaign for True Wireless Audio Performance Earphones

September 24 2015, 04:00

Based in San Mateo, California, KANOA is described as “devoted to wireless audio and designs products which combine ergonomic design, superior audio quality, and maximum versatility.” Following a former appearance in the wireless speaker market as PEAQ Audio, using Imagination’s Caskeid audio streaming technology, the company is now launching a new concept. Instead of resorting to crowdfunding websites, the company launched a new website describing its product in detail and taking pre-orders for 50% of the expected final retail price.

The KANOA wireless earphones are announced to be available starting April 2016 and feature an ergonomic, dust-proof and water-resistant design, that is completely wireless and adapts to a user’s dynamic lifestyle and any situation or environment. “Since the inception of personal headphones, whether for the home stereo system, the Sony Walkman, or the iPod, wires have always anchored us to our audio devices. KANOA has redefined earphones by cutting the cords completely,” says Cival Van Der Lubbe, CEO, KANOA.

KANOA Earphones have an optimized earphone shape and silicone sleeve design for a stable and comfortable fit. They ship with a variety of silicon jackets and ear tips, including memory foam ear tips, allowing for approximately 30dB of ambient noise isolation. The balanced armature drivers earphones also support the aptX audio codec from CSR, delivering lossless quality wireless audio.

The KANOA earphones can be controlled from any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 enabled device (smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, etc.) A light-press button located on the face of each earphone allows users to easily control their music directly, without the need to reach for their mobile devices.

With a ambient microphone on each earpiece, users also have the ability to control how much noise is let in for greater environmental awareness or kept out for enhanced music quality.
For instance, when biking or running on a busy street, users can hear oncoming traffic. The same microphones in each ear also allow taking calls with the simple press of a button.

The KANOA mobile app is optional but complements the earphones with audio equalization and audio transparency settings, allowing to configure more isolation or to hear more of the surroundings. The app is also a universal Music Player, fitness tracker and provides basic battery life information and notifications. According to the company, the KANOA earphones allow for 4-6 hours of full playtime and they come with a portable carrying case that doubles as a charging case, supporting up to 3 full recharges on the go (charge time is 30 min.)

A package of KANOA earphones consists of two wireless earphones along with a set of accessories and the portable charging storage case. KANOA has launched a pre-order campaign, allowing consumers to purchase the earphones directly from the company at a limited introductory price of $149. Full retail price will be $299 if and when they begin shipping in April 2016.

Cival Van Der Lubbe, the founder of PEAQ Audio and now KANOA is also the CEO/founder of several other companies. One of those companies is described as: “We build brands and products that people want to buy. Then push them through our extensive online presence.” Judging by the description of the KANOA earphones, they truly seam to master the concept. Other manufacturers will be probably watching closely…
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