ICEpower Introduces Its Most Powerful Class-D Amplifiers To Date

May 13 2015, 04:00
The 700ASC2 module is the newest addition to ICEpower’s broad range of Class-D amplifiers and the company’s most powerful two-channel solution to date with an output power of 2 x 700 W in 4 Ω or 2 x 350 W in 8 Ω. The amplifier utilizes ICEpower’s patented HCOM modulation and control technique to produce audiophile sound quality with very low total harmonic distortion (THD) and noise levels.

With the 700ASC2, ICEpower establishes a platform for endless design applications within consumer and professional audio products such as active speakers, subwoofers and PA amplifiers. The new amplifier module integrates all essential features, such as a comprehensive protection scheme against over-current or over temperature.

The 700ASC2 combines a high-performance Class-D amplifier with a universal mains switch mode power supply for hassle-free worldwide operation. The regulated power supply ensures that the audio application obtains the same power regardless of AC mains voltage. Furthermore, the amplifier features ErP and Energy Star compliant standby functionality, auxiliary power supplies, wake on signal sense, 5 V and 12 V triggers, status LED indicators and a DC-bus output for powering additional ICEpower 300AC amplifiers.

The amplifier basically includes all features needed for consumer and professional audio applications such as active subwoofers, active loudspeakers or a large power amplifiers. The 300AC module, also a member of the ICEpower ASC family, which essentially is the amplifier part of the 300ASC amplifier, is designed to be an add-on module that can be powered from the DC-bus output of 700ASC2 and several other ICEpower amplifiers. 

This enables the perfect combination for systems such as a three-way PA speaker with 1 x 180 W in 4 Ω for the tweeter and 2 x 700 W for the mid range and bass.

The ICEpower 700ASC2 module will be available during summer 2015 but meanwhile the Danish specialist already anticipated that its  ASC Series will be further expanded, taking it to even higher power levels. Later in 2015, ICEpower will launch two more amplifiers in the ASC family: the 1200ASC with a power rating of 1 x 1,200 W in 4 Ω and the 1200ASC2 with 2 x 1,200 W in 4 Ω. 

The company also confirmed the new modules will be based on new groundbreaking technology within power, performance and possibilities and will introduce several new surveillance features to the ASC Series.

ICEpower’s Class-D OEM amplifiers are designed for all types of consumer and professional audio applications, from hi-fi amplifiers, active subwoofers and speakers to musical instrument amplifiers, studio monitors and PA speakers. Numerous well-renowned audio companies all over the world use ICEpower solutions for their outstanding audio quality, high quality, and reliability.
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