Dynaudio Introduces LYD Personal Reference Monitor Series

April 21 2016, 03:10
Dynaudio’s Professional Audio division attended the Musikmesse 2016 show in Frankfurt as a clear sign to the market about the future evolution of the brand in the pro audio segment. With an attractive and well-designed booth, Dynaudio introduced its new Personal Reference Monitor series – LYD - “a complete redefinition of our own products,” as the company stated.
Dynaudio is a much larger company than its Professional Audio division and, since taking over direct distribution of that part of the business from former TC Group, the company is already looking to the future and designing completely new models. Following the recent confirmation that Dynaudio decided to formally cease production of its flagship AIR Series reference monitors, the company surprised everyone with this presentation in Frankfurt.

Not that the new Dynaudio LYD monitor series is intended to occupy the space left empty by its previous top-of-the-range models, clearly addressing commercial studios, production and broadcast surround installations. The new LYD series, as stated from the presentations, is tailored for the creative producers, engineers and musicians working in small recording studios, editing rooms, or even home studios. In these settings, LYD focuses on clear reproduction with low volume precision, making the series ideal for editing and mixing in any type of room.

“We went back to the drawing board with LYD. We looked at everything that made our monitors great in the past, but also, at what we can achieve with the new platforms we have developed over recent years. In the end, we want to give all artists and engineers the best possible tool to help them achieve their best results – to redefine their music as we have redefined our monitors – and I believe LYD delivers exactly that,” says Sebastian Rodens, Product Manager at Dynaudio. 

The new LYD series intends to be a clear demonstration of the brand’s craftsmanship and heritage, redefining Dynaudio’s previous monitors without loosing its fundamental characteristics. The 28 mm Soft Dome tweeter and three differently-sized MSP drive units – depending on model - used for LYD are still handcrafted in Dynaudio’s Danish factory near Skanderborg. Each handmade drive unit is powered individually by state-of-the-art Class-D amplifiers featuring 96kHz / 24-bit signal paths that make sure they have enough power to reproduce sound faithfully.

Leveraging the company’s extensive research and know-how, Dynaudio intends to offer well-balanced options for mixing and editing music with precision, combining lightweight aluminium wire and voice coils in its handmade drive units with an advanced DSP with two tuning presets for different setups, Sound Balance filters for adjusting the frequency response, and Bass Extension for moving the bass cut-off to the preferred position.

As Ole Jensen, VP of Sales - Professional Audio comments: “We are very excited to launch our new range of studio monitors. LYD introduces some of our latest developments such as a new amplifier design – in a new and refreshing color scheme. When we revealed LYD to our sales channel, we got overwhelming feedback. Everyone at Dynaudio is looking forward to bringing these speakers to the market, and launching them at Frankfurt Musikmesse is the first step.” 

The LYD 5 is Dynaudio’s new premium small-format near-field monitor, optimized for low volume precision and smaller setups and home studios. This 5” woofer nearfield monitor features a bi-amped speaker design with 2 x 50W and Class-D amplification, bass extension to extend or curtail the low end frequency response and a tuning for free standing positions and another designed for speakers within 50 cm of wall. The aluminium voice coil and wire are low mass for quick and accurate transient response and the mould in the diaphragm and dust cap in one piece uses the company’s proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer to ensure the ideal mix between stiffness, weight, and dampening.

The new LYD 7 middle model, leverages advanced Digital Signal Processing to extend or curtail the low-frequency response by 10 Hz where needed, while both Position and Sound Balance ensure better performance in any environment. It’s also a bi-amped speaker design with 2 x 50W in Class-D. Compared to the LYD 5, the LYD 7's larger woofer helps extends bass response to 45 Hz. It features a ferrite magnet system with vented pole piece for accurate driver control and large diameter voice coil for superior linearity. The aluminum voice coil and wire are low mass so its transient response is quick and accurate. To ensure the ideal mix between stiffness, weight, and dampening for better accuracy, Dynaudio also moulded the diaphragm and dust cap in one piece with their proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer. 

The LYD 8 is the biggest of the series, with its 8” MSP woofer and advanced DSP, providing superior performance and better low-end precision. Still perfect for smaller studios and home setups, the LYD 8 features a ferrite magnet system with vented pole piece for accurate driver control and maintains the remaining essential aspects of the series, in a bi-amped design with 50W HF/80W LF Class-D amplification and switchable bass extension and the same two different tunings. All models in the series include XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced connectors.

As Sebastian Rodens adds, “Throughout the industry, professionals at recording studios as well as home studios work at a fairly low volume because they work for ten hours straight. Your ears get tired easily – and that’s what you don’t want. You do not get that with LYD. You do not have to raise the volume to make them sound great – obviously, you can – but they sound the same at all volume levels. I am convinced it is the best monitor we have ever made in this price range.”
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