Coveloz Introduces New RAVENNA/AES67 Development Platform

June 23 2015, 04:00
Ottawa, Canada-based embedded solution provider Coveloz added its expertise to the RAVENNA manufacturer’s community. Known for its high-performance SoM solutions for time-sensitive networking (AVB), Coveloz has now added support for RAVENNA/AES67 to their development modules.

The partnership effectively expands the range of RAVENNA/AES67-enabled solutions to the international market space. While RAVENNA partners Archwave, Digigram and ALC NetworX were already offering RAVENNA/AES67 solutions of different size and performance for OEM customers, Coveloz now enables manufacturers looking into both Ethernet-based AVB and IP connectivity to utilize the same platform.

“We are excited to contribute to a thriving partnership such as RAVENNA,” says Nestor Amaya, CEO of Coveloz. “Coveloz is in the business of providing technology solutions, and we believe that these solutions should not lock our customers inside of a proprietary box. Ecosystems built on open standards, such as RAVENNA, align with our vision of how best to serve our customers.”

Andreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager of ALC NetworX is extremely pleased to welcome Coveloz to the RAVENNA partner community. “Coveloz is the first OEM solution provider from the AVB camp now expanding its technology support into the IP realm. Choosing RAVENNA as the basis for this step clearly underlines the supremacy of the RAVENNA technology and demonstrates the value and benefits of an open and standards-based technology approach, both for manufacturers and for end customers. By allowing building AVB or RAVENNA/AES67 networks based on the same platform, manufacturers have now an even more obvious choice on their route to implementation.”

Coveloz provides collaborative FPGA-based embedded solutions focusing on time-sensitive networking and transport of audio, video and control signals. The company’s SoM-based development kit enables Ethernet AVB and AES67 bridging and media processing; a solution brought to market as a customizable standard product. Headquartered in Ottawa and with an office in Toronto, Canada, Coveloz employs more than 30 engineers focused on networked Pro-A/V applications via collaborative or turnkey delivery models.
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