Beyma Introduces new WR Series at the NAMM Show 2015

December 29 2014, 04:18
Beyma will be present at the 2015 NAMM Show from 22nd to 25th January, exhibiting at the Arena Hall, Booth 7310. The Spanish loudspeaker specialist will display some of their latest products and introduce a new speaker family, the WR Series, aiming for a wide range of target applications.
Among its latest products, Beyma will show the MC500 family, composed by three very special woofers in 10” (10MC500), 12” (12MC500) and 15” (15MC500) formats. These top performance woofers are available at very competitive prices considering they feature 2,5” voice coils with ceramic magnets. Thanks to Beyma’s Maltcross proprietary cooling system, the speakers are able to handle up to 1000 W program power and, most importantly, drastically reducing losses due to power compression.

Among other highlights at the NAMM, Beyma is also showing its recent X-Bow technology, which allows for higher Sound Pressure Levels and is available in the company’s new range of pleated diaphragm tweeters. Beyma already features the new technology in its recent TPL-200 tweeter; increasing the total SPL and featuring increased sensitivity and power handling capacity in this high end solution.

Among the recent focus areas for Beyma are its large subwoofer drivers, which respond increasingly to the needs of large reinforcement solutions currently used in large and open-air auditoriums. Beyma is presenting two new upgraded versions of its world-recognized subwoofers models 18P1000Fe and 15P1000Fe, now with V2 references. The new 18P1000FeV2 features an improvement in power handling (increased to 1200 W AES) while keeping an accurate and controlled bass performance. This later model features a redesigned magnetic assembly and convection circuit for enhanced efficiency and extremely low air noise, sounding even better than the previous model. 

Another new 18” subwoofer is the 18PWB1000Fe, which is designed to deliver a lower end and a deeper sound in Beyma’s 18” range. It is a 4” voice coil design with ferrite magnet and handles up to 2000 W program, with long excursion capabilities (12,5mm Xmax and 55mm peak to peak for mechanical displacement) and a low resonance point.

Extending its coaxial family, Beyma will introduce a new top performance 10” driver, the new 10CX300Fe, designed for full range applications (50 to 20000 Hz usable range), with extended low frequency response and accurate high frequencies thanks to the exclusive PM4 diaphragm.

Finally, the new WR Series family will be presented for the first at the 2015 NAMM Show. For the moment Beyma only confirms that the series will feature 10”, 12” and 15” woofers. The “WR” reference stands for “wide range” since the new speakers can be used for a wide variety of applications. Beyma also says the new series will introduce a new performance, quality and price ratio for the brand.
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