Beyma Expands Product Catalogue with High-Efficiency Options at Prolight+Sound 2016

April 21 2016, 03:00
Beyma introduced several new products this year at the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt. Additions to the company’s catalogue  include new compression drivers in neodymium and ferrite versions, low frequency speakers with new optimized pressed steel frame designs for very diverse applications and a new high quality pleated diaphragm tweeter. The new shallow mid frequency range was another highlight at Beyma’s booth in Frankfurt.

Adapting some of the company’s product range to current needs of the market, Beyma launched new transducers with new optimized pressed steel frame designs purposely developed by the Valencia-, Spain, based company. At Prolight+Sound 2016, two low frequency families were introduced: the WRS family with the new 10WRS300, 12WRS400 and 15WRS400 woofers, intended for a wide range of Pro Audio applications, with very competitive features in ceramic magnet design. The other new family is the MCS series, featuring Beyma’s Maltcross patented technology, allowing an efficient cooling of the voice coil and reducing the power compression losses. Currently the MCS series includes the models 10MCS500, 12MCS500 and 15MCS500 low frequency transducers.

Two new 3” full range transducers also joined the company’s portfolio, especially designed for vertical column systems and diverse compact designs, following current market demand. With similar characteristics and performance but different motor structure assemblies, Beyma introduced the 3FR30 3” full-range compact loudspeaker, with ferrite magnet system and the 3FR30Nd which is the corresponding neodymium magnet version. Both of these new driver have very competitive features for the mentioned applications, allowing a wide working range from 180Hz up to 20kHz approximately with a sensitivity around 91dB.

For high efficiency applications in the mid frequency range, two new and very special models were introduced and immediately caught the attention of many visitors to Beyma’s booth in Frankfurt. The new 6MCF200Nd mid-range driver and 10MCF400Nd shallow mid-range driver. Both are high efficiency speakers, designed and manufactured with a carbon fiber cone, which features an excellent mass/rigidity ratio becoming a very adequate material for loading applications in order to increase the efficiency of any system. Both drivers feature cast aluminium sealed frames, which completely isolate the moving parts from the back of the driver, simplifying cabinet design. Both units also deliver an extremely efficient, and linear working band focused to the mid frequency range of line array and high performance systems.

For the high frequency range, Beyma introduced several new products; among them three new compression drivers join the company’s catalogue: the CD14Nd1, CD14Fe 1.4” exit drivers, and the CD1S 1” exit high frequency driver. All of these drivers feature new phase plugs and motor structures optimized through finite element analysis (FEA) as well as the successful PM4 material for the diaphragms, which delivers a superior behavior in objective and subjective terms compared to other materials available in the market. The new CD14Nd (neodymium magnet) and the CD14Fe (ferrite) both feature a 1,4” exit (36mm) and PM4 2,5” dome (63,5mm) with 2,5” (63,5 mm) edgewound aluminum ribbon voice coil. The new CD1S is a small compression driver (73mm overall diameter) with 1” exit (25,4mm), PM 4 1” diaphragm and 1”3/8 (35mm) thread.

Beyma’s new TPL-75 Pleated Diaphragm Tweeter
The WL3Fe is a new compression driver with a 3” (76,2mm) height wave guide which is perfect for compact systems. It is driven by a 1,75” (44,4mm) PM4 diaphragm, and features a specially adapted ferrite magnet for allowing a correct stacking in vertical for line array applications. It features an improved moving assembly mechanical coupling for excellent power handling capabilities and is rated for 70W AES power above 1,8 kHz and 140 W program power above 1,8 kHz with a sensitivity of 102 dB (1W / 1m) coupled to a 90º x 5º horn.

Finally, thinking in the highest sound quality and more demanding applications, Beyma incorporated the new TPL-75 to its pleated diaphragm tweeter family. The new TPL-75 is a perfect choice for small and compact high performance applications like studio monitoring, high-end systems or other applications where there is a high requirement for quality, low distortion and linearity in the high frequency.
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