“An Acoustic Primer”—A Practical Exploration of Room Acoustics

December 10 2014, 05:00
Acoustic Geometry by Acoustical Surfaces released “An Acoustic Primer”, a short (10:25) video illustrating the basic concepts of how sound works in rooms, why our ears and brain are affected by room acoustics and treatments, and where acoustic panels should be placed. Three highly-effective videos are edited together in the best order to give an overview of acoustics or “sound in rooms”. 

Because physical space—a room—is the final component in any audio system, understanding the basics of acoustics is a great way to start improving the sound of anyone’s system. Whether for musicians, audio professionals, audiophiles, home-theater owners, or anyone interested in sound, knowing more about how acoustics work is greatly helpful, and “An Acoustic Primer” is fast-paced and entertaining while offering the most current information. 

Individually, these widely-popular videos —“How Sound Works (In Rooms)”, “Your Brain On Sound”, and “Acoustic Panels: What & Where”—are changing the way practical acoustics and acoustical products are perceived. This compilation by Acoustical Surfaces offers all three videos in one easy-to-watch package. 

Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. (ASI) created the Acoustic Geometry brand to market its simple and affordable acoustical solutions to the retail marketplace. Taking advantage of ASI’s 31 years of product expertise in architecture, acoustics, and noise control, Acoustic Geometry offers room acoustics products for any type of space, from theaters and music rooms to corporate spaces and performance venues.

“An Acoustic Primer” can be seen on the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel here, and on the AcoGeo website.
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