Zylia Launches ZYLIA Studio v2.0 Software with Significant Improvements in All Fronts

February 24 2020, 00:30
Zylia continues to expand its efforts in the field of 3D audio recording and production, showing a remarkable pace of product development and innovation. The Polish startup now released the new version of ZYLIA Studio, the company's software dedicated to work with the ZM-1 spherical microphone which provides an easy workflow of multitrack recording and mixing. The desktop application for macOS, Linux and Windows gained many new features and is now more user friendly.

According to Zylia, the new ZYLIA Studio v2.0 software introduces new functionalities to improve the original goal of recording music sessions. The instruments are automatically detected and localized around the ZM-1 microphone and the recording process is simplified even more.

In the new version users will also find a new workflow and automatic calibration of the microphone. Instead of manual calibration, musicians need only to place their instruments at the correct distance around the microphone and the software's dynamic energy map will help them to track their position. Additionally, the ZYLIA Studio waveform display of the current recording is generated in real-time.
Another very interesting possibility of the ZYLIA Studio software is to configure the ZM-1 using Figure 8, Blumlein Stereo, Cardioid, Stereo XY, and Mid-Side microphone techniques, simply by selecting new presets. And in the mixing stage, users will find now an Equalizer that can applied on every track, allowing to adjust the frequency response in 3 bands. As Zylia explains, the resulting recordings and mixes will also sound better because the company's engineers have also improved the sound quality even more, extending the frequency response up to 20kHz, thanks to new separation filters.

Finally, users of the ZM-1 microphone and the ZYLIA Studio software can also access new and easy to use tutorials which will improve the overall experience of using the software. ZYLIA Studio v2.0 can now be downloaded from here: https://www.zylia.co/zylia-studio-download.html
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