WW Speaker Cabinets Introduces 21-Inch Subwoofer for DIY Home Audio Market

March 7 2017, 03:10
WW Speaker Cabinets introduced its new X21 subwoofer cabinet solution to the DIY market. The X21 is the first commercially available home audio DIY subwoofer cabinet designed for 21” drivers. X21 subwoofer cabinets are lock mitered allowing WW Speaker Cabinets to offer finished cabinets with a choice of veneers, stains and lacquer finishes as well as raw MDF. All X21 subwoofer cabinets are customized for specific individual driver models and performance data is provided for each driver.

The X21 Subwoofer Cabinet was designed by Mark Seaton of Seaton Sound, a leading manufacturer of high-powered amplified and passive speakers. Mark Seaton designed the legendary AV123 MFW-15 Subwoofer and is one of the leading designers of powered subwoofers including the Submersive and F1 Submersive.

The X21 is available in different versions customised for the Beyma 21PW1400 FE, different 21" B&C Drivers (21IPAL, 21DS115, 21SW152 and 21SW115 - 1 to 8 ohms), and PRV 21SW 4000-NDY-4. The X21 page provides links for more information on those drivers, and possible suppliers in the US, including all other accessories, including terminals, wire, insulatio, etc, not provided with the kits.

All driver openings and recesses are specific to the driver and tee-nuts are installed for mounting drivers and one Bi-Amp Speaker Terminal Cup Gold Insulated Binding Post High Power (UPC 848864017778). Screws are also provided so that users don't need to hunt for hardware. The X21 also includes port tubes and a magnetically attached grill. Port tubes are pre-installed in finished cabinets and ship uninstalled for raw MDF cabinets in order to permit finishing. Only water-based lacquer and stain finishes are used on finished cabinets. For the intrepid DIY home audio warriors wishing to handle their own finishing; raw MDF X21 cabinets eliminate the hassle of dealing with butt joints.

WW Speaker Cabinets recommends some parametric EQ and an 16-20Hz, 2nd order or greater high pass filter, for optimal performance. Operation of the X21 at less than 1000W of amplification into the nominal driver load can function without a high pass filter while producing higher distortion. Intended operating range is 16-160Hz. Dual 6" flared ports are tuned to 19Hz with very low noise operation.

The X21 Subwoofer Cabinet dimensions are 24” (W) X 32” (H) X 32”(D). Unloaded X21 Cabinets weigh approximately 115 lbs; shipping weight is 175 lbs. X21 Subwoofer Cabinets are boxed and shipped via common carrier. Two people are required to remove the box from the truck unless lift gate delivery is requested.  Shipping quotes do not include lift gate unless requested. RAW X21 cabinets are not finished and the grill is shipped without fabric. A pro-audio subwoofer cabinet for 21” drivers is also planned for release, featuring a smaller cabinet and tuning for commercial and concert settings.

WW Speaker Cabinets is a division of WW Displays, founded in 1984, manufacturing trade fixtures and displays for retail for the past 32 years. Over the past ten years, the Company has manufactured professional audio and home audio speaker cabinets for small speaker manufacturers including subwoofers, midrange and tower speakers. WW Speaker Cabinets is located in Mundelein, Illinois, approximately 30 miles north of the City of Chicago. 

All its products are manufactured in Mundelein, using advanced CNC equipment, lock-miter and miter construction where applicable. Rectangular woods speaker cabinets are fabricated using mill-veneered MDF panels or Russian Baltic Birch for professional audio speaker cabinets. Veneers typically used are maple, red oak, cherry and walnut. Other speaker geometries are fabricated using engineered fiber core material. All materials used by WW Speaker Cabinets comply with strict California CARB requirements. All finishes are water-based; no solvent based finishes are used, except under exceptional circumstances.
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