WiSA – the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association – Unveils New WiSA Ready Certification

September 21 2018, 01:00
WiSA - the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association unveiled the “WiSA Ready” certification, which marks an important milestone in delivering immersive wireless audio. This new certification coincides with the launch of the industry’s first WiSA Ready USB transmitter from founding member Summit Wireless Technologies, which will be compatible with forthcoming WiSA Ready sources.

The new WiSA Ready certification will clearly identify entertainment sources – such as TVs, gaming systems or computers – that are equipped to deliver up to eight channels of high-definition audio to WiSA Certified speakers when connected with a WiSA USB transmitter. This new program simplifies consumer set-up and reduces costs by replacing AV receivers or wireless hubs with a low-cost USB accessory. Using WiSA Ready products makes it extremely simple and convenient for consumers to enjoy wireless multi-channel sound, eliminating the clutter, wires and complicated installs previously required to create immersive audio experiences

“The WiSA Ready certification is pivotal to amplifying our mission of delivering immersive, wireless sound to those who desire exceptional audio,” said Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “Consumer electronics brands that leverage WiSA Certified technology will accelerate consumer adoption and the availability of immersive wireless audio while pushing the consumer entertainment experience to new heights.”

The new certification coincides with the launch of the industry’s first-ever WiSA Ready USB transmitter from Summit Wireless Technologies. As a compact USB accessory, the transmitter easily plugs into WiSA Ready sources to deliver an immersive audio experience with WiSA Certified interoperable products, making such systems extremely simple to set-up.

Once plugged in, the USB transmitter enables wireless, multi-channel communication of low-latency, tightly synchronized, high-definition audio between any WiSA Certified components, making it ideal for today’s intelligent devices and next generation home entertainment systems while eliminating the cost and complexities of traditional wired solutions.

“The biggest problem facing today’s highly-lucrative home entertainment industry is the costly and timely process to install systems that deliver immersive sound experiences,” says Brett Moyer, CEO of Summit Wireless. “With a large majority of the marketplace desiring better sound in the home entertainment ecosystem, our launch of the first-ever WiSA Ready transmitter is a significant leap forward in our quest to enable multi-channel wireless home audio.”

The WiSA Ready USB transmitter from Summit Wireless will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter. For more information about the WiSA Association, its technology and products, please visit www.wisaassociation.org.
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