WiSA Certifies Center Channel and On-Wall Speaker Solutions from System Audio

March 17 2020, 00:30
The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) announced it has certified two new speakers from System Audio. The newly WiSA Certified products from the Danish company include the SA Legend 10 Silverback, a wireless active center-channel speaker and the SA Legend 7 Silverback, a wireless, on-wall speaker. These elegantly designed solutions deliver high-quality sound and work seamlessly with all WiSA Certified transmitters and in harmony with all WiSA Certified speakers to create a complete, best-in-class home entertainment experiences.

Established in Denmark in 1984, System Audio is a fast-growing loudspeaker manufacturer whose speakers combine simple Scandinavian design, superb build quality and high-quality sound. Since the company launched its Silverback series, a new line of home speakers that can be used wirelessly with a WiSA hub or WiSA USB Transmitter or connected to a preamplifier, it quickly became a reference for other manufacturers to follow. System Audio uniquely combines the convenience of WiSA's uncompressed wireless audio at 24/96kHz, with active systems using digital amplifiers, lossless digital active crossovers and DSP to create wireless home theater setups that don't compromise on audio quality.

“We are very pleased to announce WiSA Certification of two new System Audio products that are joining the stunning SA Legend Silverback family,” says Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “System Audio is driven to deliver audio components that achieve very high levels of design and sound quality while embracing the future of wireless home audio, and these new offerings expand their assortment perfectly.”

The SA Legend 10 Silverback allows audio systems designed with SA speakers to easily add a high performance center channel while the SA Legend 7 Silverback adds speaker location and use case flexibility as a first-of-its-kind compact wireless on-wall speaker. Both products leverage System Audio’s innovative Silverback technology that pushes the boundaries of quality and capability.

“WiSA is the most important technology today when it comes to making high-quality sound available to more people,” states Ole Witthøft, founder and designer at System Audio. “At System Audio, we consider WiSA a welcome and modern upgrade to both music systems and home theaters.”
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