WiSA Announces Tuned by THX Platin Monaco 3.1 Plus Axiim Link Wireless Home Theater System

August 19 2020, 00:35
The Wireless Speaker Audio Association (WiSA), founded by Summit Wireless Technologies, announced the launch of the Tuned by THX Monaco 3.1 Wireless Home Audio System from Platin. This first WiSA Certified speaker system is the result of a broader technology partnership between THX, WiSA and Summit Wireless Technologies to develop modules and certifications of new high-resolution wireless audio home entertainment solutions for brands and manufacturers.

The Tuned by THX Platin Monaco 3.1 Wireless Home Audio System delivers a wide stereo field sound through the widely adopted WiSA audio standard, combined with Tuned by THX calibration that maximizes the system’s audio performance. The speaker system includes the Axiim LINK Wireless Audio Transmitter that connects to Xbox One & Series X gaming systems or any LG WiSA Ready 2019-2020 OLED & NanoCell TVs. The Axiim LINK also provides users with enhanced tuning features such as preset and user adjustable equalization and speaker trim.

This 3.1 speaker system consists of four speakers that can be freely spread across the front of a room, creating a powerful sound which small soundbars can’t deliver as a singular unit. Because these are WiSA Certified speakers, using WiSA’s certified wireless technology, users can setup the system in minutes, without the need for an expensive custom installation or running speaker wires through walls or ceilings, or across the floor. This system comes with everything needed to add cinema-quality audio in a living room.

The Monaco 3.1 Immersive Wireless Home Audio System is available at Amazon with an MSRP of $699.99 and on promotional sale for a limited time for a $100 coupon deal hitting $599.99 sale for August 2020. This product comes on the heels of the similar 5.1 Platin Monaco system released last winter that continues to receive excellent reviews.

"This new WiSA Certified Monaco 3.1 system is Tuned by THX and delivers a true wall of sound experience at a very attractive price point,” notes Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA. “We are thankful for our partnership with THX enabling best-in-class audio solutions such as the Monaco 3.1. WiSA members are delivering the future of cinema-quality audio for the home at prices that accommodate more budgets thus enabling the adoption of high-end audio by a broader market.”

THX worked with Summit Wireless and WiSA engineers to create a set of high-accuracy filters and functionality within the Rx (wireless receiver) modules to provide the manufacturer with advanced loudspeaker tuning capabilities. 

"THX is pleased to partner with WISA on this Tuned by THX Platin Monaco 3.1 speaker system to ensure consumers experience exceptional audio with their favorite content, whether movies, music or games," says Peter Vasay, vice president, home products, THX Ltd. “This Monaco system was calibrated by our THX engineers as a continuation of our partnership with WISA to bring great wireless audio systems to market at various price points.”
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