Webinar December 8: Your Hearables and True Wireless Designs Need Sensor Fusion

December 7 2020, 01:10
Want to understand the complexities of context awareness and user interface for the hearables market?

Attend a quick webinar December 8 to learn about sensor fusion solutions for TWS designs. OEMs and IC companies need to manage sensor fusion for the latest cutting edge wearables, hearables and true wireless designs. Product managers and design, system, and product engineers wanting to understand the complexities of context awareness and user interface for the hearables market should join CEVA's experts Seth Sternberg and Ken Walker to learn more.

Context Awareness in TWS designs means better battery life, a cleaner UI, and a system that can seemingly understand the user all of the time. Something consumers expect to have in their next set of earbuds.

Context-aware hearables require key sensor information from various sources to accurately assess their situation. This can include a mix of accelerometers, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, capacitive sensors, and microphones. Each sensor brings its own complex element to the overall puzzle, not to mention the combination of multiple sensors. In this CEVA webinar, product managers, application designers, and engineers will learn about what's possible with sensor fusion, what types of challenges exist in fusing sensor data in the hearable space, and key tools to help put users in the right headspace. 

Join CEVA and experts to learn about:
  • State of true wireless stereo (TWS)
  • Factors affecting the user experience with TWS
  • Challenges in current approaches
  • How sensor fusion helps solve context awareness
  • What we see in the future of TWS

December 8, 2020
08:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST

With: Seth Sternberg (Product Manager, Sensor Fusion BU, CEVA Inc.) and Ken Walker (Software, Sensor fusion BU, CEVA Inc.)

Register now: http://bit.do/CEVA-SensorFusionAX
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