TSL Products joins RAVENNA Partnership in Response to Rapid Adoption of AoIP

May 20 2016, 04:00
TSL Products, a leading broadcast equipment manufacturer, has become the latest company to join the growing ranks of the RAVENNA audio networking community. Based in the UK, TSL Products designs and manufactures a range of hardware and software solutions to facilitate operations within the TV broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and IT industries.

TSL Products launched its first RAVENNA-enabled products at NAB 2016. The MPA (Monitor Plus Audio) range of monitoring products is now available in a version with integrated RAVENNA connectivity. MPA offers greater ease and sound quality, creating an ideal solution for established I/O  – such as MADI, SDI, AES-3 and analogue – while also embracing the industry’s rapid move to Audio over IP workflows with support for Dante and Ravenna. The new products are available in two models: Solo offers the ability to listen to any channel, while Mix enables the user to create a simple monitoring mix. The shallow unit depth of 100mm makes them both ideal for the broadcast OB environment. The built-in web server enables all units to be configured, monitored and controlled remotely via an intuitive web interface.

In 2014, TSL Products was one of the first companies to demonstrate a full Audio/Video-over-IP architecture for broadcast applications, adopting Audio Video Bridging (AVB) IEEE 802.1 for its Audio Monitoring Units and Managed Ethernet Switches. The adoption of Dante and Ravenna audio networking throughout the industry led TSL to implement support for those technologies, while the increasing adoption of AES67 interchange - noticeable at the NAB 2016 show in Las Vegas - demanded a firm commitment enabled by the RAVENNA/AES67 implementation. Matt Colman, Product Manager, TSL Products, says, “The move to integrating RAVENNA was a logical step in order to remain in sync with the industry’s rapid move to AoIP workflows.”
ALC NetworX RAVENNA evangelist, Andreas Hildebrand is in full agreement. “The move to AoIP is fast becoming a universal trend within the broadcast sector in particular and the audio world in general. Furthermore, as demands on AoIP networks vary in terms of performance and connectivity, manufacturers have to offer a choice of AoIP networking options in order to remain relevant. RAVENNA is necessarily a key element in the range of possibilities offered to customers, particularly as it remains the both the highest-performing networking technology currently available, and the easiest gateway to AES67 interoperability.”
Specializing in audio monitoring, surround microphones and processors, intelligent display systems, broadcast control systems, and power management tools, TSL Products’ solutions satisfy the commercial, technical and operational requirements that exist in IT-based and traditional production workflows.
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