Tracktion Launches Fully Featured Unlimited Free DAW for All Operating Systems

March 30 2020, 00:25
In response to the virus pandemic situation, Tracktion Corporation announced Waveform Free, a perfect solution for making and sharing music for anyone stuck at home, self-isolating. "The software has no restrictions, other than imagination and more capabilities than most enthusiastic producers will ever need. Stay safe at home, keep busy, get the creative juices flowing and dive into a genuinely complete, stand-alone, Free DAW," the company says.

Many other manufacturers, in particular those tending for the studio and music production market, are offering special terms, new affordable bundles, or even plug-ins and add-on tools for free, as way to easy the safe at home mandates worldwide. It's an intelligent strategy that eventually could be rewarded with a whole new generation of users who have started projects and need to keep using the tools, or simply because they liked it after trying and deciding they don't need to change again. Eventually, if the software offers the right features and UI design and rewards users with the right kind of updates and upgrades, it could become the future standard.

Like all Tracktion software, the new DAW is suitable for all three major desktop operation systems; Windows, OSX and Linux as well as the revolutionary Raspberry Pi. It is fully compatible with the new generation of expressive instruments and also supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE). Waveform Free includes many of Tracktion’s recent popular innovations including; the MIDI Pattern Generator to create synchronized melodies, chord progressions, bass lines and the powerful 40SC Virtual Synthesizer and Micro Drum Sampler.

The deeply capable Waveform Free can tackle a wide range of tasks and produce professional results. With an unlimited track count and a truly adept feature set, users can add as many plugins as they like to start writing straightaway.

Getting started is easy with dozens of tutorial videos as well numerous fantastic templates such as EDM production, band recording and mixing, location recording for churches schools and many others. Whether producing the next smash hit, designing sound for video, recording & editing podcasts or live recording, Waveform Free, has it covered without limits or constraints. 

The plan, as the Oregon software company explains, is that users eventually decide to upgrade Tracktion Free to take it to the next level, with the Waveform Pro packages, available in Basic ($119), Standard ($259), and Extreme ($649).

To Download Waveform Free, visit​
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