TIDAL Offers Personalized Welcome Mix Enhanced Experience for New Users

April 1 2020, 00:20
Global music streaming platform TIDAL unveiled an optimized experience for new subscribers. Immediately upon creating an account, users will be asked to identify their favorite artists across different genres for a personalized experience. Once setup is complete, the platform’s home screen will recommend content based on those selections, including a new “Welcome Mix” which features music from the selected artists and inspires new music discovery.

New users' homepages will also feature Popular Playlists, Suggested New Tracks and Suggested New Albums. As users engage with the app, the content suggestions will evolve to better fit member taste, including the appearance of My Mix, My Video Mix, editorial-curated playlists and new tracks and albums. 

This is similar to what Apple offers in Apple Music, where users get to pick reference artists and genres from an algorithmic cloud, after creating the account. Unfortunately with Apple Music, the algorithm usually just suggests totally unrelated artists from the same decade, and weird criteria like that, taking a long time of "training" to get decent results. So far, the reference in that area is Spotify, the only service that enables users to favorite "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by the Fugees, and never play any other track from the group.

Subscribers will also be able to customize their TIDAL experience: from personalized recommendations to setting up on a compatible smart home device like Apple TV, Amazon Echo, Samsung TV or syncing with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the platform can be seamlessly integrated into members' everyday lives.

"The wide-range of content from all genres available on TIDAL can be challenging to digest," says Lior Tibon, COO TIDAL. "TIDAL wants to eliminate a key pain point of the new user experience by immediately populating users’ home-screens with tracks, albums, playlists and content that they love."

Further enhancing user experience, TIDAL recently rolled out a series of upgrades including suggested tracks featured at the end of personal playlists, to encourage new music discovery based on member’s listening habits. Once a playlist has played in full, those tracks will immediately begin playing allowing users to extend the listening experience (something that Spotify always did very well (for paying subscribers) and was an obvious weakness with Apple Music - which only plays what is selected and stops). This serves alongside algorithmically curated playlists such as “My Mix” and Artist & Track Radio, which already provides users with the option to “block” artists or tracks with TIDAL’s “block” and “mute” feature. In addition, intuitive in-app controls like swipe to skip/replay and pinch to view full-screen video are newly available.

TIDAL currently offers unlimited access to its extensive catalogue of over 60 million tracks across all genres, 250,000 music videos, thousands of expertly curated playlists by TIDAL’s seasoned editorial team, and hundreds of live events. Subscribers have access to exclusive listening events, concerts, meet and greets and more with artists. TIDAL is also available in premium and HiFi tiers — which includes Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) recordings as well as Sony’s 360 Reality Audio recordings.

TIDAL is offering new subscribers a special limited-time offer of 4 months for any plan for only $4.00 now through April 15: https://try.tidal.com/spring
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