The Rheintacho Stroboscope Shaking Test for Quality Control

November 24 2017, 03:00
Rheintacho Messtechnik proposes a practical solution for vibration quality control tests with a portable stroboscope solution, using its RT STROBE qbLED series. The German company specializes in highly efficient solutions wherever speed must be measured, monitored or indicated. Its portable stroboscope range allows non-contact checking of electrical and mechanical components on a vibrating table, in a safe way.

Innovation, the most modern production techniques and equipment, and meticulous quality control, along with a first-class workforce, are the corner stones of any manufacturing operation and also the foundation for Rheintacho Messtechnik GmbH. For the past 114 years, Rheintacho has used his extensive knowledge and experience to developed sensors, systems and customized solution to meet different manufacturer’s requirements.

In addition to the manual flash rate setting, the portable stroboscopes of Rheintacho's RT STROBE qbLED series are equipped with a trigger input, which is used to synchronize the flash frequency to the vibrating frequency. All components, which are moved at the set frequency, look as if they are at a standstill.

Those components, which are still moving, are vibrating at a different frequency. In this way it is possible to conduct a visual inspection. Vibrational liabilities can be detected in advance and eliminated. The qbLED stroboscopes can be operated simply with one hand, which, together with the luminous intensity of 8000 LUX, makes it easier to perform operations.

Electrical components are checked on a vibrating table for resistance to vibrations. In this way weak points of the construction can be detected in advance. The behavior of large electrical components, plug-and-socket connections and mechanical components in particular is examined under the influence of vibrations.

Stroboscopes are versatile instruments for the visualization of very fast movements. They are important and necessary tools for the inspection and control of machines and manufacturing lines in multiple industries.

Stroboscopes can also be used for the non-contact measuring of rotational speed. If the stroboscope flash frequency matches the frequency of movement, the test object appears stationary. It can be observed and its frequency of movement recorded. The Rheintacho range of products available today allows bandwidths exceeding three meters to be illuminated.
For more information send an email to Melanie Nübling.
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