The Freedman Group Acquires FuzzMeasure and Launches RØDETest Division

January 26 2018, 04:00
RØDE Microphones announced the establishment of a new Scientific Test and Measurement division, named RØDETest, which will house RØDE’s future line of measurement microphones and software. With the announcement comes the news that The Freedman Group has acquired FuzzMeazure, the audio and acoustic measurement software created by Chris Liscio of SuperMegaUltraGroovy.

For over a decade, users of FuzzMeasure have admired the quality of the software, elegant user interface, and unique visualization tools, unlike any other audio test and measurement available. FuzzMeasure not only produces, and analyzes audio and acoustic signals, but also allows users to publish beautiful graphs. It delivers a comprehensive suite of features for professionals in research, acoustics, live sound, room design, and pro audio. For an overview of the latest version of FuzzMeasure for Mac OS, see here

The news that FuzzMeasure is now RØDETest’s first step into the acoustic and auditory measurement space is certainly surprising but at the same time a remarkable recognition of Liscio’s work and dedication. As the author of FuzzMeasure writes in his own blog, “I’ve not joined RØDE as an employee, but will continue to contribute to FuzzMeasure’s development. RØDE is very serious about entering the acoustic test and measurement space, and I feel that they are well-equipped to carve out a bright future for FuzzMeasure. I’m excited to see how FuzzMeasure continues to flourish under RØDE’s stewardship.”

The Freedman Group is the home to RØDE Microphones, APHEX, SoundField and Event Electronics, an Australian conglomerate that continues to expand globally. The announcement of RØDETest, as a brand new acoustic measurement microphone and software division, can be seen as a clear sign of the company’s ambition and a demonstration of its engineering capabilities.

According to Peter Freedman, RØDE Founder and Chairman, RØDETest will house a range of professional acoustic measurement microphones, software and accessories in the near future. The acquisition of FuzzMeasure is the foundation move for RØDETest. “The scientific instruments we are developing for RØDETest are the perfect accompaniment to our monumentally successful ranges of studio, live and broadcast microphones,” he says. “We plan to shake the industry up – as is the RØDE way.”

RØDETest will open new markets for quality measuring microphones, says CEO Damien Wilson. “RØDE has always created new consumer pathways by applying RØDE’s precision, low-cost manufacturing capability. RØDETest is an exciting development in our business and another example of our desire to be the voice – and choice – of today’s creative generation.”

FuzzMeasure Chief Developer, Chris Liscio, will continue to work with RØDETest, developing software updates and innovations. “I was very excited when RØDE first shared with me the plan to enter the acoustic measurement field and make FuzzMeasure the software for the RØDETest range. I look forward to seeing how it evolves under RØDE’s stewardship.”

RØDETest microphones, interfaces, software and kits are in development now and will be released later in 2018. Meanwhile, to celebrate the launch of RØDETest and acquisition of FuzzMeasure, RØDE is reducing the price of a Personal Licence and first year subscription to a Commercial Licence by 20% and extending all existing Commercial Licence subscriptions by a complimentary 12 months. Just visit and enter discount code RODETEST20 at checkout. |
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