Telit Introduces Bluetooth 4.2 Host Controller Interface Module with Integrated Chip Antenna

September 14 2017, 03:00
Telit Communications, a manufacturer or cellular and wireless communication modules, announced the BL871E2-HI, a dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 host controller interface module with embedded chip antenna and audio support. The ultra-compact component is optimized for efficiency and simplicity in end-device design, delivering reliable Bluetooth functionalities with robust endpoint security, leveraging the processing power and external Bluetooth stack of the host application processor.  

The BL871E2-HI is an ultra-compact RF front-end module optimized for cost-sensitive and space-constrained applications, delivering Bluetooth functionality for devices equipped with application processors in the rapidly growing BLE-dependent segments in IoT. The module includes certifications, all hardware features that reduce development costs, bill of materials, and time to market.
Ideal for quick-turn projects, the Telit BL871E2-HI seamlessly speeds up device design across a wide range of industrial and consumer applications areas. The 9.7x10.1mm, 18-pad LCC component delivers basic rate (BR), enhanced data rate (EDR) and low-energy (LE) connectivity, for applications such as audio equipped devices across all areas of the electronics industry.

The BL871E2-HI is SRCC (Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval – China), RED (Radio Equipment Directive Compliance – Europe) and FCC (Federal Communication Commission Type Approval – USA) certified; and is qualified and listed as a Bluetooth 4.2 controller subsystem. It integrates the company’s portfolio of Bluetooth modules, directly addressing the demand from the rapidly growing BT/BLE-IoT market.
"We are seeing a significant increase in the number of device manufacturers across a broad set of industries looking to update and refresh their products with Bluetooth connectivity,” explains Sandro Spanghero, Telit Senior VP of Global Product Management. “With the BL871E2, we are responding to this demand rise. The new product is ideal in these cases because it is an accomplished, very small and low-cost RF frond-end module that connects to the processor already designed into the host device, delivering full-featured Bluetooth connectivity for up to seven active concurrent connections.”

The BL871E2-HI is a hardware-only product. It requires no additional external supporting components to deliver Bluetooth functionality to the host device. The required Bluetooth stack is not included with the module to maximize bill-of-material flexibility. Either a customer-provided or Telit-sourced Blue Code +SR protocol stack must be made to run in the host processing environment to complete the solution.

In addition to efficient performance as a Class 1 TX with power up to +12 dBm, receiver sensitivity of -95 dBm, and low power consumption, the BL871E2-HI modules supports Android, Linux and Windows Bluetooth stacks, and features UART, PCM and I²S interfaces, and BR/EDR 128-bit hardware encryption accelerator. The solution also supports scatternet with up to 3 simultaneous piconets (1 master and 2 slaves), Fast Automatic Frequency Hopping (AFH) algorithm, all voice air-coding schemes, and assisted mode for HFP 1.6 Wideband Speech (WBS).
Integrators and manufacturers designing with the BL871E2-HI have access to comprehensive development and integration tools including a Raspberry PI 2-based evaluation and development kit with extensive software and support resources.
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