Soundcore Unveils True Wireless Earbuds with New Coaxial Driver Design

October 3 2019, 00:20
Soundcore, Anker Innovations’ premium audio brand, recently announced the Liberty 2 Pro, the flagship model in its next generation Liberty true wireless lineup, which includes five other different products targeting different usage profiles. The Liberty 2 Pro earbuds will appeal directly to users looking for the best possible audio quality, and are based on a first-of-its-kind coaxial driver design, where Soundcore’s engineers successfully marry a custom-tuned balanced armature (BA) driver from Knowles with an oversized 11mm dome dynamic driver.

The company calls this arrangement the Astria Coaxial Acoustic Architecture (ACAA), and the result, according to Soundcore, creates an accurate sound stage and alignment of all frequencies. While many headphones and earbuds have used multiple drivers for generations, the engineers behind the Liberty 2 Pro wanted to ensure listeners would experience the most accurate sound profile, without any delay in either the high or low frequencies. Therefore, during the design process, they looked into aligning each of the two drivers in a coaxial architecture, a concept which has been around for decades but has never been done in a pair of wireless earbuds.

“By positioning the Knowles balanced armature driver directly in front of the dynamic driver and aligning both with a listener’s ear canal, the resulting sound is sonically accurate,” says Rock Gao, General Manager, Headphones for Soundcore. “During the initial stages of design, we were not happy with the soundstage and looked into creating the coaxial architecture. This new design provided us not only with crisp treble, full and rich bass and a delicately balanced midrange but true audio alignment of all frequencies. Additionally, working with 10 Grammy-award winning recording engineers, we were able to tune these earbuds to be sonically accurate to give listeners the same experience that comes out of the recording studio.”

In addition to high-quality sound, the Liberty 2 Pro features a true wireless form factor with rechargeable, rounded pebble-shaped case and sleek retractable door for easy access to the earbuds. A built-in magnet on the inside will keep the earbuds in place while in a user’s pocket and when stored, the case will automatically recharge the earbuds. With 8-hours of battery life before needing to be recharged, the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds provide all-day use for listening to music on the go. However, docking them for fifteen minutes will top them up for 2-hours of usage. The charging case will also allow the earbuds to be used for 32 hours before its internal battery will need to be recharged. Additionally, the case can be recharged using either the built-in USB-C port on the back or any wireless Qi charger.

In order to improve even more the experience for each listener, the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro also allows users to personalize the sound based on their hearing and their taste in music. Using the HearID feature in the Soundcore mobile app, available via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, users can easily customize their listening experience. A simple setup procedure will automatically tune the sound, while also offering a number of preset profiles that can easily be selected. Additionally, the Liberty 2 Pro supports the Qualcomm aptX audio codec for Bluetooth transmission with compatible mobile devices.
Finally, while using the Liberty 2 Pro, there is a button on the top of each earbud that can be used to adjust the volume, start/stop or change tracks, answer/hang up on a call as well as activate a voice assistant on the user’s mobile device. The Liberty 2 Pro earbuds also come with 7 different sized silicone ear tips and 3 different sized ear wings in order to ensure a proper fit that can be tailored to each listener.

The Liberty 2 Pro will be available October 8 2019 and will sell for $149.99 MSRP at and

Soundcore Next Generation Liberty And Spirit Series Earbuds
With the announcement of the new Liberty 2 Pro, Soundcore also unveiled five other new Bluetooth 5 in-ear models for Fall 2019, including three new sports-centered wireless earbuds, the Spirit 2, Spirit Dot 2 and Spirit X2, and two new music-centered true wireless earbuds, the new Liberty Air 2, utilizing the popular stick design, and the Liberty 2, a new classic in-ear style, both including diamond-coated 10mm drivers and also supporting HearID personalized sound profile.

Available at more affordable price points, topping at $99.99, the new Soundcore wireless products all feature IPX5 waterproof ratings and support for aptX. The Liberty Air 2 - an interesting stick type design that goes in-ear - also features a Qi wireless charging case and is optimized for phone calls, using cVc 8.0 and four noise-cancelling microphones.

Soundcore’s sports-centered Spirit line includes the Spirit 2 in-ear style earbuds, the Spirit Dot 2 true wireless earbuds and the Spirit X2 true wireless ear hook form-factor. The Spirit 2 uses 10mm composite bio-cellulose drivers, and supports fast charging through USB-C for just $49.99. The Spirit Dot 2 TWS earbuds design uses an 8mm diamond coated composite driver surrounded by elastic material, featuring bass boosting technology, adds IPX7 waterproof rating with SweatGuard and the case recharges through USB-C and supports fast charging, all for just $79.99.

Finally, the Spirit X2 sure wireless earbuds lead the sports range at $99.99, offering a larger 12mm composite driver with a uniquely designed acoustic chamber design that adds powerful bass. The IP68 waterproof design with SweatGuard also stands out by offering up to 9 hours of playtime and 36 total hours of playtime from the case, which recharges through USB-C and supports fast charging.

All new Soundcore products will be available October 2019. |
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