Soundcore Launches True-Wireless Earbuds Liberty Air 2 Pro With Multi-Mode Noise Cancellation Technology

January 14 2021, 00:35
Anker Innovations introduced a next-generation true-wireless earbud model in its Soundcore brand. The Liberty Air 2 Pro presented at CES 2021 features advanced active noise-cancellation (ANC), transparency mode and uses the company's PureNote multi-coated driver technology. This a mid-priced true wireless ANC alternative with truly premium features and technology, showing how competitive the segment is becoming, and how hard for manufacturers it is to differentiate.
Unveiled as part of Anker Innovations' extensive lineup of products for 2021, the new Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro noise-cancelling earbuds raise the bar in all fronts. According to Anker, the main focus for the engineering team was to raise the sound quality even with noise-canceling turned on. To do this, Soundcore engineers developed a new driver technology, that utilizes ten hardened nano layers to make up the 11mm driver in each earbud. This PureNote driver was then tuned by the Soundcore team, both with ANC turned on and off, to make sure that the frequency response maintains consistency.

"In 2019, Soundcore launched the Liberty 2 Pro, the first in the company's Pro line of earbuds. The focus then, was to bring premium sound to the true-wireless headphone space. Today, we launch our new Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds and unveil a new noise cancelling experience that doesn't compromise the sound in any environment. With an assortment of user customizable elements, from sound profiles to customizable ANC and transparency modes, the Liberty Air 2 Pro allows users to get the best sound for themselves," says Rock Gao, General Manager, Headphones for Soundcore.

The Liberty Air 2 Pro offers the ability to change between three noise cancellation modes including Transport mode, when needed to block out low frequency noises from airplanes, trains or city buses; Outdoor mode, which use a less powerful ANC setting but wider bandwidth to block out street noise, and finally Indoor mode, which primarily reduces mid-range frequencies to help block out voices that are commonly found in an office or a coffee shop.

Additionally, the Liberty Air 2 Pro also features Transparency mode with two different settings. Mode 1 is for total transparency which helps enhance all ambient sounds. This is ideal for runners and bicyclists that need to safely hear noises around them on a city street. The second transparency mode focuses on vocals to enhance voices in the immediate vicinity while simultaneously reducing background noise. This mode is ideal for users who may be waiting for a flight or a bus but still need to hear announcements from a P.A. speaker or flight attendant.

Using the updated Soundcore app, the Liberty Air 2 Pro, offers users HearID 2.0, the next generation in audio frequency customization. After performing a simple hearing test with the earbuds, the Liberty Air 2 Pro tunes the sound for the individual to ensure the best possible listening experience. New to version 2.0, users can make changes to these individualized audio settings, or can choose from one of the preset sound profiles.

For the Liberty Air 2 Pro design, the Soundcore also resorted to all the available latest technologies, applying 6 state-of-the-art microphones with uplink noise reduction to support both communications and ANC processing, and implemented a new Bluetooth 5 platform that allows a superior wireless range of 10m (32ft) and reduces drain on the battery. The IPX4-rated design uses two 55 mA batteries on the earbuds and a 500 mA battery on the USB-C charging case, allowing for up to 7 hours of playtime (6 hours with ANC on) and 26 hours with the charging case. Fast charge allows reaching full capacity in just 2 hours and achieve 3 hours of playtime with just a 15-minutes charge. The charging case also supports Qi wireless. Both earbuds support customizable user touch controls to set preferences for play/pause, track advance, volume, etc., apart from triggering voice assistants. 

The Liberty Air 2 Pro ANC earbuds are available now in four colors including Onyx Black, Titanium White, Sapphire Blue, and Crystal Pink with an MSRP of $129.99. Each set ships with nine sets of silicone ear tips, ranging from XXXS to XL and L+ in ensure a proper fit. |
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