SoundChip Unveils World’s Lowest Power, Highest Performance Hybrid Noise Cancelling Platform for True Wireless Stereo Headsets

November 3 2017, 03:10
SoundChip, a Swiss-based provider or audio processing solutions, unveiled Aurora – an application-specific, low-power, hybrid noise cancelling platform for next-generation True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headsets. According to the company, Aurora delivers up to 35dB of class-leading digitally-programmable feed-forward and feedback (hybrid) noise cancelling, as well as a swathe of software-controlled features, including multi-mode noise cancelling, digitally configurable occlusion control, and situational awareness.

This class-leading performance can be deployed in a compact in-ear format and requires only 15mW of power to ensure that other product-specific features can be included without any material increase in battery size. Aurora combines STANC1, a single channel HD-PA-compliant Audio Engine from STMicroelectronics, with complementary NFMI and Bluetooth chip-sets. STANC1 enables patented digitally-programmable processing to remove more noise than competing devices without any degradation in sound quality.  And, whereas alternative analog-based solutions require many low-precision passive components to form their filters, STANC1 integrates its processing on chip to further reduce size, increase precision, and lower cost.

“True Wireless Stereo headsets represent an exciting new category, which demands solutions that respond to its unique set of requirements. Aurora does that, providing wearers with enhanced control over the sound they want to hear – without the noise,” says Mark Donaldson, CEO of SoundChip.

Aurora has been designed for high-volume manufacturing. Audio performance can be rapidly tested, calibrated, and programmed using Soundstation Production – SoundChip’s powerful, cloud-connected test system. And, for those manufacturers that require comprehensive support, SoundChip provides access to an accomplished team of electroacoustic engineers with proven experience in the development of advanced noise cancelling headsets.
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