sonoro audio Cancels Kickstarter Campaign to Release the Cubo in U.S. Market

June 16 2016, 03:00
Updated. sonoro audio, a German designer and engineer of luxury audio solutions, launched its Kickstarter campaign to deliver the Cubo, its design award-winning sound system, to the U.S. market later this year. Funding sourced through Kickstarter would allow sonoro audio to cover development, testing and production costs for the U.S. market. Before its term, sonoro cancelled the campaign due to lack of support.

With just a few days to go, and very few backers, sonoro’s cancelled Kickstarter campaign is an excellent example of the limitations of crowdfunding for established products and companies. The Cubo is an excellent proposition but apparently, restricting a Kickstarter campaign to one country (US) is not the best approach. Also, maybe its campaign was not conveying a clear message about the product’s key innovations and unique propositions, which certainly deserve attention.

The Cubo is a German-engineered sound system designed for premiere audio quality and an all-in-one solution for an healthier, more refreshed lifestyle. One of the Cubo’s most notable features is its strategically placed upward-facing speaker, which releases a high-quality surround sound. Users can enjoy classic AM/FM radio, Internet radio, a CD player, or stream their own playlists wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Originally designed in 2006, the Cubo has since sold successfully throughout Europe and is a popular amenity offered by a number of luxury and boutique hotel chains worldwide.

The latest model of the Cubo includes remote lighting control and automation. The optional sonoroLIGHT switch allows users to wirelessly connect to any lamp in their home. The user can then dim or switch the lamp from a distance using the sonoro wireless remote, or set a sunrise simulation each morning. For a complete wellness experience that lowers stress, improves sleep and increases energy, the Cubo also includes pre-installed guided meditation programs and nature sounds. These features were exclusively designed to help the 70 million Americans that suffer from sleep deprivation.

The Cubo’s handcrafted, real wood design enhances its sound quality, while the piano lacquer finish provides an elegant and modern appearance. The Cubo is available in a variety of colors including black, white, silver, lime and red, in addition to a luxurious walnut wood grain and expected retail price is $499.
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