MIXXTAPE is a Digital Music Player that Remasters the Cassette

December 30 2019, 00:15
Ready, Cassette, Go! The new old thang, in all its nostalgic, iconic glory, will never go away! Now, it has evolved into a fully functional portable digital music player thanks to company Mixxim which is introducing MIXXTAPE at CES 2020. In 2017, in a mere 30 days, MIXXTAPE was 1215% funded on Kickstarter and later was recognized as one of only ten finalists at the 2019 CES Last Gadget Standing competition. Now, the portable digital player is available and will be launched at CES 2020.

Inside the MIXXTAPE nostalgic exterior is a powerful music player that supports all the major audio formats, with up to 8GB of internal memory, and up to 256GB microSD card support for expanded storage. Supported audio formats include FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, AAC always at 16-bit and with a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz (if you are looking for high resolution audio you wouldn't be buying a player that looks like a cassette, anyway).

As with any digital audio player, songs, podcasts and audiobooks can be transferred onto it from a PC or Mac via USB-C, and files are managed through an OLED display. Its rechargeable battery powers it for over six hours of continuous music playback which it delivers via its built-in headphone jack, Bluetooth (v4, A2DP, AVRCP), or from the deck of a good old-fashioned boombox. That's right, if you still have a cassette deck in working conditions, MIXXTAPE will play directly from that!

"It was imperative that MIXXTAPE not just be a digital music player that looked like a cassette. It had to actually play as a cassette," says inventor Paul Burns. "Originally it was a combination of many little pieces that made cassettes what they were: the sound, the physical object, the customization, the personalization, the accessibility, the secrecy, the community. Also, music was much more than Music files and virtual avatars. It was tangible, meaningful, and personal. MIXXTAPE brings that back in its own way."

Paul is overwhelmed about the popular response, saying, "I think people just love the nostalgic feeling MIXXTAPE gives them. And by combining digital and analog elements, it gives people an opportunity to be creative and express themselves in fun and unique ways."

MIXXTAPE is available now exclusively on mixtapeboss.com for $100 and includes free shipping worldwide.
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