Sonnox and Fraunhofer Introduce the Codec Toolbox

October 15 2013, 13:01

Sonnox Codec ToolboxWebThe collaboration between innovative plug-in developer Sonnox and MP3 inventor Fraunhofer IIS started in 2011 with the launch of the Pro-Codec mastering software. Sonnox and Fraunhofer are currently seeking an affordable solution to encode music for the web.

The Codec Toolbox offers real-time codec auditioning, metadata editing, and batch encoding at an affordable price tag for musicians, DJs, and producers in general. As Sonnox’s Sales and Marketing Manager explains, “The impact made by the Pro-Codec on the professional mastering world convinced us that today’s generation of independent producers, engineers and artists need their music to sound great in every format. The Codec Toolbox uses high quality codecs from Fraunhofer and Apple to ensure that every mix sounds as good online as it does in the studio.”

The Codec Toolbox is comprised of two applications: the Toolbox Plug-In for real-time mix auditioning through various codecs and the Toolbox Manager for encoding and adding metadata. A “clip safe” function ensures clean encoded files, as the software auto compensates for any overs during the encode process.

The Codec Toolbox is available for a 15-day trial or to purchase at

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