Bose Active Sound Management Software for Noise Cancellation in Cars Now Available on Chip from NXP Semiconductors

December 19 2013, 13:01

Through an engineering collaboration with NXP, vehicles without Bose speakers and amplifiers can now use Bose Active Sound Management technology to cancel unwanted engine and powertrain noise in a car’s cabin. The Bose software solution will operate in any vehicle using a head unit equipped with NXP’s SAF775x car radio integrated circuit, and any sound system that performs in the frequency range necessary for active noise cancellation. The Bose/NXP solution provides an easy, efficient approach for controlling engine and powertrain noise by using existing sound system designs and eliminating the weight and cost of traditional noise management.

Bose developed Active Sound Management technology as an alternate approach to conventional noise-management systems that rely on mechanical solutions, such as acoustic insulation, mass dampers and active exhaust valves. Bose Active Sound Management algorithms target a narrow band of low-frequency engine sounds and where only available in cars with Bose sound system hardware, including models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Infiniti. The Bose/NXP solution extends the technology capabilities to a wider range of car-makers and models.

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