Solgaard HomeBase Wireless Charging Plus Audio Amplifier and Speaker Launched on Kickstarter

July 2 2020, 00:30
Sustainable consumer goods startup, Solgaard, until now focused mostly on (great) luggage and bags, now unveiled a new ecosystem of products, the HomeBase, Solar Boombox, and Solar Juicepack. Now being promoted on Kickstarter and raising nearly $75,000 in crowdfunding revenue within just twelve hours (fully funded in four hours), the new concept is a well-designed Qi wireless and USB-C charging base, complemented with a solar power bank and a portable speaker, all using upcycled ocean plastic materials.

Constructed in Solgaard's own Shore-Tex and new Shore-Plast upcycled ocean plastic materials, the HomeBase wireless charging shelf and built-in sound amplifier is designed to fully integrate with both the new Solar Boombox (Bluetooth speaker and solar power bank unit) and the new Solar Juicepack (solar power bank). All combining Scandinavian design with sustainable high tech.

The HomeBase shelf offers built-in wireless charging for any of the latest smartphones and other devices with an acoustic amplifier designed to seamlessly integrate with the Solar Boombox. Large enough to hold two smartphones and charge up to four devices, the product allows two users to charge their phones simultaneously while keeping the devices out of sight. The HomeBase also supports USB Power Delivery Fast Charging for iPhones via USB-C, resulting in a 50% phone charge in under 30 minutes.

A premium Bluetooth speaker, the Solgaard Solar Boombox is a wireless charging device with backup solar recharging capabilities should the user forget to charge the speaker before leaving the house (one hour of sunlight supplies two hours of music). The speaker is drop-proof, sand-proof, and waterproof, and can be charged wirelessly via the Solgaard HomeBase, solar, or two USB ports, and includes a USB-C output. Inside there are two drivers: an active bass radiator and passive bass radiator. This next-generation upgraded unit is 40 percent louder with 60 percent more bass than its predecessor, the original Solgaard solar speaker launched on Kickstarter with Lifepack in 2016, raising $1.2 million in crowdfunding revenue.

And the Solgaard latest combo still includes the Solar Juicepack, a lightweight, compact 20,000 mAh solar power bank with the capacity to charge up to four devices via Qi wireless, USB-C and two USB ports. Available in two colors, the durable exterior of the Solar Juicepack, constructed from upcycled ocean plastic, is both waterproof and drop-proof.

The debut of this sustainable HomeBase ecosystem marks Solgaard's sixth Kickstarter campaign to date. A trusted Kickstarter Creator with notable success, Solgaard has raised a total of $2.7 million in crowdfunding campaigns from 16,386 backers in 85 countries.

Founded in 2016 by Canadian-Norwegian entrepreneur, Adrian Solgaard, the company pledges to pull five pounds of plastic waste from the ocean for every product sold. Adrian Solgaard can already be credited with a robust history of product innovation, including the Solgaard Carry-On Closet, launched via Kickstarter and recognized in Time Magazine 'Best Inventions of 2018,' and Solgaard Shore-Tex ocean plastic accessories collection named a finalist in Fast Company '2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.'

"During the recent lockdown, we all started spending a lot more time at home, so I started thinking about innovations for use both in the home as well as on-the-go. While dreaming of one day socializing with friends again outdoors and wanting to spend less time on my phone when at home, I came up with the base concepts seen here. I see an opportunity to view the psychology behind new products and to create innovations for people that allow them to set healthy boundaries and enhance their everyday lives - all designed sustainably, with the planet's welfare in mind," says Adrian Solgaard, Founder and CEO of Solgaard.

The Solgaard HomeBase, Solar Boombox, and Solar Juicepack are available now on Kickstarter. Discounted backer pricing starts at $79 for the Solar Juicepack (MSRP $99), $99 for the Solar Boombox (MSRP $149), and $114 for the HomeBase (MSRP $169).

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page:
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