Shure Introduces MV7 Hybrid XLR/USB Microphone for Recording and Streaming

October 27 2020, 01:10
Inspired by the Shure SM7B, which quickly became an icon among many musicians, podcasters and creatives forced to work from home, the new Shure MV7 is a dynamic microphone with both USB and XLR outputs for use with computers and professional interfaces alike. Basically, the MV7 expands on the famous cardioid studio microphone with software features. Users can connect via USB and explore additional set-up features and Auto Level Mode within the complementary ShurePlus MOTIV app, which allows controlling vocal tone, and distance-effect from the microphone.
The reason why the Shure SM7B became an unexpected best-seller during the pandemic mainly derives from its strong reputation as a studio tool, allowing professional-level audio production results even at home. The strong off-axis rejection typical of a cardioid microphone, strong-close proximity effect and excellent immunity to the surrounding acoustics, combined with a huge tolerance to strong SPL levels, made it ideal for both singers and vocalists to use at home, but also for podcasters, gamers, and voice-over artists. 

The affordable price also helped propel the Shure SM7B as a top seller right after the first lockdowns and shelter-at-home mandates, surprising everyone and for certain the Chicago brand. Unexpectedly, Shure's recent USB microphone range - which apparently would be perfect for home users - did not sell as well, maybe also a consequence of the category being saturated with new and established alternatives at every price level. And if people had to be seen on screen during Zoom calls, they might as well show up looking professional, by using a respected microphone like the SM7B, that screams "professional".

Apparently Shure was able to offer the ideal response to this market trend, and at the same time meet the increasing demand for audio streaming and recording solutions at home. The new MV7 Podcast Microphone from Shure – a design that looks very much like the SM7B - is also the company’s first hybrid XLR/USB microphone. And the MV7’s intuitive design makes it incredibly user friendly and simple to set up and control.

"This year, we’ve witnessed a significant uptick in the demand for tools and accessories that support live streaming and podcasting – especially as many continue to broadcast their talents from home," says Soren Pedersen, Associate Manager, Global Product Management, at Shure. "Regardless of the application, creators understand the importance of clear and intelligible audio. We’ve designed the MV7 to be laser focused on the user’s voice, so the audience always gets a clear and rich reproduction no matter the type of room they record in, so their audiences can focus on the content."

Harnessing the main features of the SM7B dynamic microphone, the new Shure MV7 delivers versatility and control, combined with flexible connectivity options, allowing high-quality audio in a compact design. And that's precisely where the new Shure MV7 will add its main appeal. It will enable the best possible results without requiring any audio engineering knowledge. 

Shure's Voice Isolation Technology elevates the user’s voice to make podcasts or live streams sound as good as possible, no matter the environment. The microphone’s pick-up pattern focuses solely on the vocals by bringing it to the forefront of the recording. 

But because a user's vocal level and mic position are always fluctuating, particularly with inexperienced users, Shure's Auto Level Mode sets gains in real time, so the output levels stay consistent. Auto Level Mode also acts as a virtual audio engineer and adjusts audio levels on the fly, enabling a more consistent listening experience.

An integrated touch panel on the new Shure MV7 optimizes control for quick, convenient adjustments. With just a few taps, the touch panel control lets the user adjust the gain, headphone volume, monitor mix, and mute/unmute, with an option to lock customized settings. 

Complemented by the new, free Shure MOTIV App for desktop, the MV7 offers the flexibility to control audio functions with the convenience of various preset modes. Users can select their tone (Dark, Natural, or Bright), depending on if they want a deep “radio” voice, or a crisp and clean sound. These settings are available in Auto Level Mode and can be selected with one click in the MOTIV app. Similarly, users may select their mic distance from the MV7 (Near or Far), depending on how they are positioned. For podcasters and streamers who like to be up close and personal with the mic, near mode is ideal. For those who need a little more breathing room, far mode offers a consistent level up to 18 inches. The MV7 is also certified by popular VoIP gaming solution, TeamSpeak.

Compatible with virtually any device or hardware, the Shure MV7 is easy to integrate into an existing technology setup. The mic still offers a professional XLR output for use with interfaces, mixers, and professional audio equipment — making it an ideal multi-purpose solution for podcasting, radio, gaming, voiceovers, and recording studios. It also supports a USB-A and USB-C output for Mac and PC. When mobility and on-the-go recordings are needed, the MV7 works with select Android devices, and just using by using a standard Lightning cable it is also possible to use with any iPhones and iPads.

The Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone comes in black and silver finishes and is available now for $249 USD (almost half the price of the SM7B). Optional available items include an add-on desktop mic stand, folding tripod stand or boom arm.
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