Shure Announces Microflex MXN5-C Networked PoE Loudspeaker and Expanded Audio Conferencing Ecosystem

June 18 2020, 00:35
Shure announced an expansion of its products for audio conferencing and collaboration spaces with the introduction of the Microflex MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker, along with a new linear array microphone with onboard IntelliMix DSP, and software, configuration and remote management software and accessories. Shure can now provide the complete audio signal chain, from input to output.

The new Microflex MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker from Shure provides high-quality speech reproduction for conferencing applications. PoE-enabled with an onboard amplifier housed in a low-profile design, this networkable loudspeaker is optimized for easy installation in drop-ceiling configurations. And it integrates seamlessly with Shure’s networked hardware and software, creating a complete conferencing audio ecosystem.

The MXN5-C provides a necessary solution to the integrated systems market. The speaker features pre-tuned frequency response optimized for voice intelligibility in audio conferencing applications, while its low-profile, shallow-can design is compatible with most drop-ceiling installations. It includes two Dante inputs and one Dante output with AES67 compatibility.

Benefits of the new MXN5-C include direct visibility on the network for device access via Shure software for easy setup and configuration or remote management and troubleshooting, direct management with Dante Domain Manager software, and the reassurance of Shure Audio Encryption support for secure meeting content. The networked speaker benefits directly of remote setup or DSP utilities, including EQ, delay, limiter, and signal/tone generator. The fact that is PoE/PoE+ enabled, eliminates the need for an outboard amplifier, while its materials and design, including a removable and paintable grille are UL 2043 plenum rated.

"This new loudspeaker is part of a complete solution from the Shure Audio Ecosystem for Conferencing," says Chris Merrick, Global Marketing Director, Integrated Systems, at Shure. “The complete audio solution, from one manufacturer delivers streamlined global room deployments to a consistent standard, remote management, and troubleshooting. For end customers and integrators, this is a significant time-saving advantage.”

Shure Audio Ecosystem for Conferencing
As video conferencing becomes even more important in today’s world, Shure has announced a new selection of products to provide systems integrators and AV professionals with a complete conferencing audio ecosystem. The expanded range of Microflex Advance products, with complementary software for design, management, and control, offers expanded possibilities for systems integrators to deploy audio capabilities into more types of meeting and collaboration environments. These products are all natively designed to work seamlessly with each other, and provide the market with a fast and efficient means to deploy premium audio, with IntelliMix audio signal processing in either device-based or software formats.

With the introduction of the Microflex MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker, along with products like the new MXA710, MXA310, MXA910, Networked Mute Button, Designer, SystemOn, P300, and IntelliMix Room, Shure can now provide the complete audio signal chain, from input to output.

The first audio processing software for Windows 10 PCs that is fully optimized for use with Shure networked systems microphones is now available globally. Announced with limited availability in February 2020 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), Shure's IntelliMix Room is a software-based DSP that requires minimal customer setup and no additional dedicated hardware, reducing the costs and footprint required to provide premium AV conferencing. Providing up to 16 channels of audio processing, IntelliMix Room deploys the same algorithms as Shure’s IntelliMix P300 hardware processor. 

The Shure IntelliMix digital signal processing technology is licensed on three-year and five-year options and is pre-installed on hardware devices such as Shure's array microphones. Now available in a standalone software form, the software can be installed on the same in-room PC as the conferencing software codecs for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc., while its algorithms are specifically designed to optimize the performance of Shure conferencing microphones, offering Echo Cancellation, Noise Reduction, Automatic Mixing, Automatic Gain Control, and secure Dante routing. 

Shure also launched the new MXA710 Linear Array Microphone, the next evolution in Shure array microphone technology. This new model is designed for high-quality audio capture in premium conferencing environments, under or next to a wall-mounted display, suspended from the ceiling or flush mounted in a table. The MXA710 has a low-profile that blends into any meeting room aesthetic, and is an ideal alternative for spaces where the MXA910 or MXA310 might not be the best option.

The microphone uses patented Steerable Coverage technology to capture audio anywhere in the room, featuring four lobes with the 2-foot array, and eight lobes with the 4-foot array model. With onboard IntelliMix DSP, the MXA710 provides all the processing needed for echo and noise-free audio. Autofocus technology fine-tunes each lobe position in real-time, adjusting for meeting participant movements.

Available in 2-foot (60cm) or 4-foot (120cm) lengths and three colors (white, black, and aluminum), the MXA710 is compatible with both Dante and AES67 audio networking protocols. It is PoE-powered and features LED status bars at each end of the array with configurable colors and brightness. The smaller form factor is ideal for huddle rooms and smaller meeting spaces that are being equipped with video conferencing to provide greater virtual meeting capacity.

Shure has developed an ecosystem landing page to provide an evolving set of resources, including informative blogs, product overview videos and product bundle examples.
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