Sennheiser’s Introduces New Evolution Wireless G4 Wireless Camera Audio Systems and Previews New Mobile Recording Solution

April 16 2018, 03:20
The Sennheiser stand at NAB 2018 showed tailor-made audio solutions for mobile journalism, newsgathering, and film productions, in addition to presenting the AMBEO range of products for VR and AR productions. New configurations for the updated Evolution Wireless G4 family were the main focus, but there was also a preview of a very interesting new wireless audio recording solution for mobile devices.

Sennheiser introduced a new headset series at NAB 2018 – the 300 PRO line. Available in summer 2018, the new series consists of two monitoring headphones and three headset/microphone combinations for camera work and backstage communications. For wireless bodypacks, Sennheiser also introduced brand-new headset and lavalier microphones, which will be available by summer 2018.

But one of the most interesting solutions - previewed at the show and still without release date - was an exciting new wireless system for recording high-quality audio on mobile devices. With a design similar to the existing AMBEO Smart Headset solution and its excellent binaural microphone, the new mobile recording device was designed to be paired with the excellent video recording capabilities now available in most smartphones. Essentially, Sennheiser leverage its existing technologies to create a compact device that will effortlessly synchronize and transfer the audio from the omnidirectional microphone clipped onto the target subject, with any iOS or Android device.

While the smartphone records the video, the new wireless audio recording solution (still to be named) records up to 4 hours of sound with a single USB charge, directly attached to a presenter or interview subject. After the recording, the dedicated app on the smartphone will blend the recorded audio from the smartphone with the captured audio from the Sennheiser wireless recording device, creating a complete professional production. The Sennheiser wireless recording solution features a non-marring magnetic clip that easily attaches the device on a front pocket or lapel, creating an easy to use solution for journalists, youtubers, vloggers, etc. We certainly look forward to knowing more.

New evolution Wireless G4 Solutions
Following the introduction of the new evolution wireless G4 range at NAMM 2018, Sennheiser now expanded the updated series with a new range of camera microphone systems at NAB 2018. The new generation G4 now offers two sub-lines, complementing the acclaimed 100-p series with the new 500-p series. 

This new fourth generation evolution series expands the packages available for videographers in the popular ew 100-p series, and adds a brand-new ew 500-p series, designed to further professionalize film work, ENG, reporting, and content creation. The new ew 500-p series features best-in-class wireless transmission and new set components such as the popular MKE 2 lavalier mic. The new G4 series is fully compatible with all previous evolution wireless generations, safeguarding any earlier investments.

The Sennheiser ew 100-p G4 series now includes the ew 135-p G4 Portable Handheld Set, two Portable Lavalier Sets, the ew 112-p G4 (omni) and ew 122-p G4 (cardioid), as well as the ew 100 G4 ENG Combo Set, which offers both plug-on and bodypack transmitters with an omni-directional ME 2-II clip-on microphone. 

The new Sennheiser ew 500-p series professional sets for ENG and film work include the ew 512-p G4 Pro Portable Lavalier Mic Set (with camera receiver, bodypack transmitter, professional MKE 2 lavalier mic and various accessories), the ew 500 BOOM G4 Pro Portable Boom Set (with camera receiver, phantom power equipped plug-on transmitter and accessories) and finally the ew 500 FILM G4 Combo Set, which includes both bodypack and plug-on transmitters, MKE 2 lavalier mic, camera receiver and accessories. 

The user interface of the ew 100-p series allows even faster set-up and control on site, with up to 12 compatible frequencies ensure multi-system use. Furthermore, the housing of the SKM 100 G4 handheld is now made of lighter weight aluminum – a benefit in long interviews. 

Compared to the ew 100-p series, the ew 500-p systems operate with a higher switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz (compared to 42 MHz) offering a higher channel count and easier channel allocation in congested RF environments. Additionally, the ew 500-p systems offer higher power for longer reach: output power can now be selected in three steps of 10, 30 or 50 mW, while the ew 100-p systems offer up to 30 mW of output power. 
The evolution wireless 500 FILM G4 combo set

The lavalier mic included in the ew 512-p G4 and ew 500 FILM G4 sets is the broadcast standard MKE 2. Moreover, the ew 500-p housings are less sensitive to moisture, thus withstanding rougher outdoor use. Unlike the SKP 100 G4, which can only be used with dynamic microphones, the SKP 500 G4 also features phantom power and can therefore be used with any type of microphone, including condenser mics. 

All ew 100-p and ew 500-p components are also available separately, so that users can tailor-make their best evolution camera system. For example, they can choose their favorite handheld to go with the EK 500 G4 camera receiver – or they can add the new SKP 500 G4 plug-on transmitter to their existing ew 100-p system, benefitting from the compatibility between the different evolution wireless series. 

Of course, for more demanding applications, Sennheiser continues to offer other wireless systems, such as the flagship Digital 9000 and Digital 6000 series, including the digital/analog EK 6042 camera receiver, as well as AVX, which works in the license-free 1.9 GHz band. On-camera microphones include the MKE 400, the MKE 600 and the stereo MKE 440, which can be complemented with MKH 416 and MKH 8060 professional shotgun microphones, the long gun MKH 8070, plus the MD 46 and MD 42 reporter microphones.
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