SEAS Announces New FEA18RCZ Prestige Full Range 6.5-Inch Driver

May 30 2017, 04:10
Norwegian speaker designer and manufacturer SEAS Fabrikker is gearing up its new generation drivers, resulting from an extensive R&D effort. Since the company premiered its new full range drive unit in Guangzhou in December 2016, audio designers have been anxiously waiting for news about availability. audioXpress has met the SEAS team at High End Munich 2017 and got the confirmation that the company is now accepting orders for the new H1794-08 FEA18RCZ.

As SEAS explains, "the driver has been an ongoing project during 2016. The SEAS R&D team has designed, developed and tested the unit, and it is safe to say that this has turned out to be a premium driver. We are very pleased with the listening tests so far, and we are excited to introduce this to the market."

The FEA18RCZ is an 18cm (6.5”) full range driver offering excellent (measured) efficiency and extended bandwidth in a more compact package. Combining a blue-grey paper cone reinforced with papyrus fibres, a high frequency cone directly coupled to the voice coil, and a flexible surround made from a low loss rubber material with minimal damping properties, the FEA18RCZ becomes immediately recognizable.

As SEAS details, the large spider provides low mechanical resistance, and offers excellent stiffness linearity. A heat resistant, non-conductive glass fibre coil former allows a high mechanical Q-factor of the moving system, while a large ferrite ring magnet offers a high magnetic gap flux in a cost efficient way. The pole piece is prolonged forward and equipped with a long copper cap to ensure excellent linearity in the force factor and coil inductance.

Lots of attention has also been paid to the mechanical aspects. A stiff and stable injection moulded zinc chassis keeps the critical components in perfect alignment, with large windows in the chassis, both above and below the spider, reducing sound reflexions, airflow noise and cavity resonance to a minimum.
Factory measurement data for the new SEAS FEA18RCZ. The frequency responses above show measured free field sound pressure in 0, 30, and 60 degree angles using a 12L closed box. Input 2.83 VRMS, microphone distance 0.5m, normalized to SPL 1m. The dotted line is a calculated response in infinite baffle based on the parameters given for this specific driver. The impedance is measured in free air without baffle, using a 2V sine signal.

"Overall, the FEA18RCZ offers excellent efficiency and extended bandwidth in a compact package. Driven by low to medium power, high quality amplifiers from good signal sources, this driver is capable of providing high quality sound reproduction," they add.

On its website, SEAS has provided an application note using the new FEA18RCZ, with a design that the company says "offers the listener a loudspeaker system with a precise, coherent and
engaging listening experience."
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