SB Audience Introduces Two New Rosso 65mm Compression Drivers

September 28 2020, 01:35
SB Audience, the new brand of professional transducers manufactured by Sinar Baja Electric (SBE) in Indonesia, is introducing a completely new range of compression drivers. The range starts off with two 65mm titanium diaphragm compression drivers, both with a 1.4" throat exit. The two new Rosso compression drivers are high performance designs, available at an attractive price, and are in stock now, and under way to distributors.

The SB Audience business branch from SBE aims primarily at the professional sound reinforcement industry and sits side by side with SB Acoustics (consumer and high-end) and SB Automotive. All SBE designs are carefully engineered and tuned by the company's own R&D teams in Denmark and Indonesia, based on many years of experience in each market segment, at a global level.

"At SBE we believe in the importance of subjective listening during the development process to compliment the advanced FEM simulations, motor optimization, diaphragm design, voice coil technology, adhesives, etc. We have done extensive listening and also comparisons with several high priced competing transducers, and our newly developed compression drivers are stunning performers. I am really excited about the sound of these drivers,” says Sales and Marketing Manager, Mark Thomsen.

The new SB Audience line of compression drivers incorporates a heavy duty distinctive looking cast aluminum rear chamber that visually defines the new products. But aside from the distinct cosmetics, this chamber has been optimized to minimize resonances and absorb reflections.

The SB Audience ROSSO-65CD-T compression driver combines an advanced ferrite motor assembly with a titanium diaphragm, voice coil with flat copper clad aluminum wire and a copper cap for reduced distortion and extended HF response. It offers high sensitivity and linear frequency response, slightly accentuating the upper frequency response. 

The SB Audience ROSSO-65CDN-T compression driver is a neodymium motor assembly version, also using a titanium diaphragm and shares the remaining construction and designs features with the ferrite version, offering a smooth yet detailed and dynamic character with high sensitivity and linear frequency response.

Announced two years ago as part of a major expansion effort, the new SB Audience brand aims to edge the company's experience derived by Sinar Baja Electric Indonesia presence in the professional audio industry for more than 35 years. Benefiting also from the company's high level of vertical integration, almost every aspect of loudspeaker development and manufacturing is done in house. For decades this has made SBE a preferred OEM/ODM supplier for many prestigious brands within HiFi, Pro-sound and Automotive segments.

The new SB Audience range is divided in three categories within the standard Pro product range:
- Bianco, achieves good performance at the most reasonable cost.
- Rosso, aims at high performance at an attractive price.
- Nero is the higher performance line still achieving exceptional price performance ratio.

Worldwide distribution and local stock is currently being established in the United States, Europe and Asia. Distribution and dealer inquiries are welcome and should be addressed to Mark Thomsen.
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