Samsung Makes Software Update Available for Original Galaxy Buds

April 27 2020, 00:15
In a rare move for a company that introduces new versions of each product faster than it ever updates anything, Samsung confirmed a software update for its original true wireless earbuds - the Galaxy Buds. The updates, Samsung explained, bring new connectivity features now found on the latest Galaxy Buds+ model, including the ability to automatically filter unwanted noise or selecting an Ambient Aware mode, allowing important sounds from the outside world to be heard.

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds or Buds+ do not offer active noise cancelling and have no fancy processing features - their main appeal being extremely lightweight and working reliably with Samsung phones (and mostly those, as long as they run Android L OS or higher and have more than 1.5GB RAM) - they do share basically the same platform. And that's why Samsung Electronics was able to bring new connectivity features to the Galaxy Buds through a software update. Previously available on Galaxy Buds+, the features allow Galaxy Buds users to now go completely wireless and take their music more easily than ever before – whether it’s on a run, at your workspace or around your home.

They now support a new Microsoft Swift Pair feature, allowing users to more easily pair Galaxy Buds to recent Windows 10-based PCs. This allows users to utilize Galaxy Buds on work-related tasks, such as remote video meetings, or listening to music sourced from a laptop. With the addition of Swift Pair compatibility, the original Galaxy Buds match the compatibility offered by Galaxy Buds+ models, supporting multiple pairing experiences across mobile and PC devices, and giving users the freedom to easily connect to, and switch between, favorite devices. Like they are supposed to.
But the most important new function with this software update is that the Galaxy Buds now also offer Ambient Sound automatically. When users put the Buds on, they can now hear their surroundings and remain aware of the world around them through the built-in external microphones , even when they’re watching movies or listening to favorite tunes with the volume up. In addition, users can now experience Ambient Sound even with only one earbud in, offering more options for usage in busy surrounding environments.

Another improvement was taking the Spotify integration further. Spotify users with a subscription can now instantly listen to personalized music on their Galaxy Buds with a single press. Through a simple ‘Tap & Hold’ gesture, users can launch Spotify and start listening to music where ever they left off. Tapping and holding again triggers Spotify to recommend personalized playlists. And with these updates, users can start playing their personal soundtrack instantly.

Most of these features are defined and controlled through the Galaxy Wearable app, which can be downloaded via the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store.
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