Røde Microphones Continues to Expand RØDECaster Pro with Firmware Upgrades

September 2 2019, 01:15
Since its introduction in November 2018, the RØDECaster Pro managed to create an entire new market segment for Røde Microphones. A completely new concept that successfully combines the features of a compact radio mixer with elements of modern music production tools, the RØDECaster Pro created excitement, and encouraged podcasting creation on a global basis. And with continuous firmware upgrades, Røde is keeping the original excitement alive, significantly expanding the concept completely for free.

Røde Microphones released the new firmware version 2.0 for the RØDECaster Pro, introducing 25 powerful new features and consolidating months of user feedback and testing. Version 2.0 follows on from updates earlier in 2019, which introduced multitrack recording via USB to  microSD memory cards, amongst other valuable features. The new firmware will make it even easier for users to create podcasts, allowing users to save and load "Shows" and Settings via the RØDECaster companion app, which is essentially a snapshot of all sounds and settings. Settings can also be saved on their own.

The new firmware v2.0 also introduced Podcast Transfer Mode, which allows users to transfer podcasts from their on-board microSD card to a computer directly from the RØDECaster Pro, while expanding the popular Sound Pad functionalities, more in tune with live production. Among the new features, the Sound Pads now includes a sound pad indicator on the home screen that tells users which pad is playing (by color), as well as how much time that pad has before the sound ends. The update also offers easier access to the sound pad configuration screen, more on-board control, and a new “Pause” playback mode. On top of this, users can now save a massive eight banks of sounds to their RØDECaster Pro (64 in total).

Users can also now access a number of features often found in professional broadcast consoles, such as pre-fade listen mode to preview a channel before it is faded in, the option to automatically mute the monitor outputs when faders are open to prevent feedback, and the ability for the ‘host’ to chat with callers on the Bluetooth, Smartphone and USB channels “off-air”. This means the ‘host’ (channel 1) can now speak with callers without the conversation being recorded or going to the monitor outputs. The feature includes the ability to Solo and Mute buttons on channel 1, and Solo and Mute buttons on any of the channels to speak to callers, including for multiple channels if there are multiple callers.

Among the many innovations introduced with this firmware update, one of the most remarkable is the ability for the RØDECaster companion app to communicate in real-time with the RØDECaster Pro. This means that any changes made in the app will be reflected on the RØDECaster Pro immediately and vice versa. And the RØDECaster Pro’s audio processing engine has also been tweaked to make recordings sound cleaner, clearer and more sparkly.

The RØDECaster Pro is now able to record 14 tracks to the on-board microSD card or via USB to a DAW. These include a stereo ‘live mix’ track, a mono track for each of the 4 microphone inputs, and stereo tracks for the USB, 3.5mm TRRS, Bluetooth and sound-effects-pad channels. This recording can be paused any time by pressing and holding the record button for two seconds. Tapping the button will resume the recording, while pressing and holding again will end the recording.
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