RME Introduces New M-32 Pro Series of AVB-MADI Converters

June 20 2018, 01:00
Anyone who visited the Synthax booth at InfoComm 2018 could find an expanded range of RME Audio interfaces and converters with one thing in common. All the new units expand the options available for multichannel audio interfaces to and from the current audio networking standards. RME expanded Dante and AVB options with the new Digiface Dante and Digiface AVB mobile audio interfaces during NAB 2018. No, at InfoComm, with was time  for a new generation of large channel-count M-32 Pro AVB series of converters.

As the RME Digiface series of mobile audio interfaces expanded, RME now offers greater connectivity options for integrators and end-users, and clearly these new devices are targeted at the needs of large network installations, as used in recording studios, outside broadcast vans or live production. Synthax, the distributor of premium German interface manufacturer RME, highlights that these new solutions share the backbone of RME’s stable and proprietary driver designs for Windows and macOS , which provide ultra-low latency through the network, offering support for Dante and AVB network solutions with up to 192 kHz, and also offering an integrated USB 3.0 connection

Targeting the needs of modern productions, the brand new M-32 Pro AVB Series of converters responds to the demands of audio setups requiring high analog channel counts. The series includes the M-32 AD Pro and M-32 DA Pro, two high-end, 32-channel 192 kHz converters, based on state-of-the-art, high-resolution converter components and a fully balanced analog circuit design. The new M-Series offers a signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB(A) with extremely low THD values — placing the converters in the reference class.

“The new M-32 AD Pro and M-32 DA Pro are two new converters taking audio transmission to the next level,” says Derek Badala, Director of Sales, Americas for Synthax, distributor of RME. “These units feature redundant power supplies, more compact housing and network functionality — all features that professionals in today’s industry are looking for. And with an AVB interface included, these converters can be blended into complex network structures.” 

In addition to the two fully equipped MADI I/Os including separate signal routing, the new M-Series converters boast an AVB interface based on the open network standard IEEE 802.1 and 1722.1, enabling transmission of the 32 analog channels at maximum 192 kHz sampling rate via a single Ethernet cable. Combined with external AVB switches, the new converters can be quickly, easily and reliably integrated into more complex network structures thanks to the comprehensive time-synchronous signal processing of the AVB protocol.

The open AVDECC 1722.1 control protocol as part of AVB allows users to use external controllers from different manufacturers to control almost all device functions. A web interface and a JSON API are also available, both via the network connection and the integrated USB port.

In order to connect with a variety of analog hardware, the individual channels of the M-32 AD Pro and M-32 DA Pro can be operated with different line levels — each with full resolution of the converters. Besides +19 dBu and +13 dBu, the new M-Series is one of the only solutions that also allows working with the SMPTE recommendation of +24 dBU at 0 dBFS.

The combination of level displays and channel labelling fields conveys a familiar analog feeling but proves to be an almost indispensable advantage in daily practice. Using the supplied transparent papers, users can create individual channel labels and securely affix them behind a magnetic cover. This provides a comprehensive overview of analog channel assignments.
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