RHA Launches TrueControl True Wireless Earbuds with Adjustable ANC

November 19 2020, 08:00
RHA has introduced TrueControl ANC, a new cutting-edge true wireless earbuds design with an ergonomically stylish profile that is akin to custom IEM, improving the combination of passive and active noise cancellation. The RHA TrueControl ANC  combines Qualcomm's aptX and AAC Bluetooth streaming with advanced active – and adjustable - noise cancellation, advanced connectivity, and a 20-hour battery life. In addition, the new RHA Connect App allows users to customize their listening experience.

The new RHA TrueControl earbuds explore the merits of a passive noise cancelling design and active noise cancelation technology to eliminate outside noise, while the external microphones help capture the world around and the embedded intelligence helps filter what is important to the user. Needless to say that the same microphones and processing systems are also optimized for clear calls, using noise-reducing voice enhancement.

When the user needs to stay aware of notifications, noises and conversations around him, the RHA TrueControl allows to switch between ANC and Ambient modes at will, and the level of ambient sound is completely adjustable, so that the user can tailor its own immersion wherever he is. When stopping for a chat, to order a drink or there's an announcement, the user can quickly hold the left earbud to activate Quick Aware: immediately pausing the music and switching on full Ambient mode – simply releasing the earbud returns the ANC.

But RHA also focused on offering the best possible quality sound, with and without ANC. As the Scottish manufacturer explains, "We designed the TrueControl to produce deep and detailed audio at any volume. Our EQ has been meticulously tuned so that - even with ANC on - your music sounds immersive and natural. And working with QualComm’s high-quality aptX codec – and AAC – means no compromise in the streaming quality of your sounds." Plus, users are able to fully explore the RHA Connect app to adjust the EQ to suit their personal taste.

The dedicated RHA Connect app is an essential part of the TrueControl experience, allowing users to personalize their earbuds even further, from customizing button controls, change EQ balance, switch languages, update firmware and even finding the earbuds if they get lost. By default, the right earbud is setup to access digital assistants with a single press, but the user can switch that to anything he wants.

A unique and distinctive feature of the RHA TrueControl earbuds is the ergonomic design. The earbuds' natural contours provide wearing comfort and superior passive noise cancellation by following the natural shape of the ear. And the RHA TrueControl is supplied with seven pairs of RHA silicone and three pairs of aerospace-grade Comply Foam ear tips for a perfect moulded fit.  

The RHA TrueControl also includes a charging case with the same successful design of the brand's original TrueConnect earbuds, using USB-C and Qi wireless for charging. And with 5 hours per charge – with ANC on – plus another 15 hours in the protective charging case with rapid charging – the TrueControl is ready for long playlists and Netflix binges.

"The TrueControl is our most ambitious and advanced product to date; the result of several years of research, investment and development. We believe that it sets a new standard in design, ANC and sound quality in the ANC true wireless segment. The earbud was designed in close partnership with global technology leaders to create a listening experience that is at once immersive and detailed; while retaining a connection to the world and people around our users," says RHA Global Marketing Manager, Colum Fraser.

The RHA TrueControl ANC true wireless earbuds are available now to pre-order online and in selected stores for 299.95 USD or EUR, with full launch December 4 in Europe, and December 11 in the USA. Pre-orders get 20% off in the US with code FIRSTINLINE ($239.96). 
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